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  1. I don't post here often but hit me up with something creative please
  2. .
  3. From the album pictures

  4. AW on PS4 miss playing BO2 on my old console though
  5. i'm on ...wait no it says there was a problem connecting
  6. I won a U18 tournament a couple of weeks ago in Dubai. Tomorrow I'm going to Abu Dhabi and I'll get to hit with one of them for an hour before their match
  7. I get to play with either Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Lopez, or Almagro for an hour tomorrow...Super excited!
  8. Made this team a couple of weeks ago. It's the best team I've ever played with for sure. I'm still saving up for Hazard lol
  9. From the album pictures

  10. Anyone want to play on the 360?
  11. The main factor was Djokovic's return of serve. Djokovic IMO has the best return of serve out of all the active ATP players. Raonic was able to beat Federer because Federer is forced to slice his return of serve now that he's older. That's why Roger has a harder time against big servers nowadays. Raonic is great at playing the sliced return as he often hits a deep ball CC or DTL. Djokovic's return of serve was on point today and it showed. Also, you could tell Djokovic was reading Raonic's shots well.
  12. I think Djokovic in 3 and Federer in 4
  13. the real slim shady
  14. It's the exact opposite for me. Federer was playing night matches in Toronto and Cincy, and since I live in Asia I had to stay up till 4 or 5 to watch those matches. Today he played at 12 for me, so that was a relief Anyways, it was a good first and third set for Roger. He made too many unforced errors in the second, and Ferrer was playing great. If Fed lost that set 6-0, it would have been the 5th time he's ever been bageled on the pro tour. When it was 5-0, it seemed as though Roger was trying to make Ferrer tired. He kept Ferrer on the move, especially with the dropshots. With Andy and Nole in mediocre form on hardcourt, and with the possibility of Nadal not playing, Fed has a chance at winning the US Open IMO