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  1. gurn

    Svend Robinson Attempting a Comeback

    Somewhere on the world wide web will be a video of Svend, standing in the house of commons, giving a speech on a particular safety concern. Seems a consumer item was dangerous to the point of explosion and people had been complaining for awhile but not getting anywhere. Some one must have mentioned it to Svend so he brought the product into the commons, talking about the dangers and the need to do something. He takes out the 2 litre glass bottle of Coke and puts it on the shelf in front of himself, and as the people behind him begin to duck and cover, tips it over. the government outlawed those bottles PDQ.
  2. Depends on sample size, and how the poll is worded. Which is true of any poll ever done.
  3. People have been told, over and over, why there is opposition to the pipeline; they just ignore the reasons. Unfortunately some folk believe money is the thing that matters most.
  4. gurn

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I never pay to watch a prequel, hard to get excited/nervous about a gun fight, when you know the characters are still alive 20 years later.
  5. gurn

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Good movie, and James McAvoy way extremely good, extremely good, extremely good , extremely good, extremely good and fantastic.
  6. Ohh, come on man, tell us what you really think, stop beating around the bush and out with it....
  7. I've never understood why I should be proud of something I had no control over. I was born the colour that I am, no need to be proud.
  8. The holocaust started with one person's death then kept going.
  9. There are people still alive today that went through great grief under the hands of Nazis, including my chess partner. Not many of them left though.
  10. The seventh pick is for 2020 not 2019.
  11. Those people would be wrong. The market may or may not change, JB traded a guy that wasn't playing with us much to a team that is willing to let MDZ play, at least for awhile. I'm fine with what the Canucks got: a roster spot a draft pick no longer have a guy sitting around, not playing, and eventually/unavoidably "souring the soup". Those three pluses out weigh any Future trade value... unless MDZ gets flipped for a second, even then it was still a good risk/reward taken. imo.
  12. Hitler was a Nazi, so were many Germans during WW2. How is this an unreasonable statement?
  13. not that it matters to Drumpf, but I thought there were treaties regarding weapons in space.
  14. Doesn't really matter which way they rigged them, the alleged "fact"that they did can still be construed as tampering with the election.