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  1. I think Hutton will re-sign with the team for 1 to 2 mill on a one year, tradeable contract. Gives him a final chance to be more than a 6/7 replacement d for the rest of his career. If he plays well trade him at the deadline and bring up OJ. He is far from their worst d, at this point in the off season.
  2. Broke into the league in 2014/15, probably too late to get much more, if any speed.
  3. Get Arizona to throw in a first rounder, if anything can save hockey in that arena it's hometown kid Mathews.
  4. so in other words they are comparable as all have missed time? Tell me something I already knew. Thanks.
  5. It was a brief topic of discussion yesterday. Had to do with a poor fan/fair experience at the draft, pallets being left throughout the concourse, no garbage pick up at on of the entrances? so that a swarm of flies was there and the fact that some of the seats that should be replaced have not been. edit to add small management structure equals less money outflow as well.
  6. Hey go back to trying to discredit this comparison based on games played, that was your original argument wasn't it?
  7. "one season with less than 65 games played (7 years ago)" He played 63 games last year and in fact has three seasons of less than 70 games and five with less than 80 Subban is a broken and the decline d man with personality problems I don't want him any where near this team. He has only played 82 games three times in his career due to injuries. So yes he is comparable to Sutter, Baer and Tanev.
  8. Who wants an injured player? Anyone that has moaned and groaned about injuries to Sutter, Beagle, Baertschi, Edler and Tanev had better tread carefully with their opinion about acquiring Subban.
  9. I'm glad he didn't have any fancy mustard, I'd say he's more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy.
  10. The guy fills a current hole, is a former first, 15th overall, has scored 22 or more goals a three of times plays physical, can take draws, plays any forward position, is only 26 years old. Cost was a protected 1st, likely to be in the 10-15 range, a third and a goalie that would have trouble making our echl team. I'm ok with the trade. Now get to work on the D.