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  1. I wish foreign folk would just stay out of our election.
  2. Not the best version of these gals doing Stairway To Heaven, for that check out Kennedy Center's tribute to Led Zeppelin. However this is from Aug of this year. Ann is 69 and Nancy is 65. Still sound great. Long Live Rock.
  3. Why would you drive a truck with "an iffy rear end"?
  4. Could you please make up your mind. Do you believe JT is a racist? Yes or no.
  5. your life is too short to worry about "people at work". Priority list you family friends people at work
  6. Every time I think Drumpf has hit rock bottom, he goes lower.
  7. injuries were the down fall of '11 team. And a power play that went cold at the wrong time.
  8. "Maybe because he couldn't teach his constituents do spell like a Canadian" I think the word you were trying to use is "to". "to spell".
  9. Most likely it's about the money. I think saying nothing until after the players got/get out of China would be a wise thing. A wiser thing would have been not going to China in the first place: The US and China trade war China jailing Canadian citizens as retaliation for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou are just the latest in very good reasons to stay the heck out of China. How many Canadians and Americans are over there right now, and how do you get them out of China quickly.?
  10. What access to tide water has been shut down? For starters Canada offers: Health care Old Age Pension CCP Policing A transferable, easily trained work force Federal dollars for infrastructure