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  1. Yep, saw that earlier; I was just saying imo the guy is an NHL player and no longer a prospect thus he is not "compromised" as a poster was alleging.
  2. Is he still a prospect or is he an NHL player?
  3. Yes. I like Quinn and it seems he is better than I thought, but I would have taken Dahlin over him.
  4. A year of working with Manny and Adam's face off percentage will go up.
  5. I'm interested a bit? Warhippy says he is a quality guy, so I can't say maybe this is like a Kassian move; and the guy just needs a change to remind him his career is in jeopardy. And yet given a choice between a young guy who may put it all together or a player such as Schaller or Fantenberg I'm tempted. I'd be talking to my pro scouts and thinking about it.
  6. Benning can trade for players, he just has to trade enough guys out. Gm ing 101.
  7. Member when Diesel was so much cheaper than gas, then more people changed to diesel fueled vehicles and the price of diesel went up? I remember that.
  8. I'd guess his shoulder is feeling better, plus he is "growing up" or at least gaining confidence that he does belong up here in the show. Hoping some one with experience can show him how to scrap a bit or at least protect himself when challenged. Adding that to his game would be a substantial upgrade to an already decent career path.
  9. While the wages may have been climbing what happens when that increase is measured against inflation.? I recently compared my wage in 1996 to 2018 and concluded inflation had gone up 40.48. (Stats Can figure) However that inflation figure does not include oil and tax increase. Wage went up 43%. So it looks like I'm doing better until I go to the gas pump and pay my taxes.
  10. Funny: has Rafferty in a tie with 8 other players, starting with the number 23, so only 22 guys with a better rating, but poster, Fred65, above says #30
  11. As an example of how screwed up people can get with their thoughts I offer this link and story about Michelle Obama: In it she talks about her work helping to support girls education, and touches on how surreal the impeachment thing is; but says the American people will get through it just like other things they have survived. The first comment by a poster says "that's not a woman, it's a man!"
  12. Imagine a day when people are just voters, not white or black or asian or male or female...…………. just voters. Then reality hits and we are still stuck in this splintered world.