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  1. Tennis

    So the ladies play best of 3 while the men play best of 5, this makes the coaching penalties really stick out against the number of sets played.
  2. This guy thinks it is ok to walk across the floor.
  3. Teen Finds 10K and Returns it-Would You?

    You mean people that are on their way to buy a used car, a couple of pieces of new stereo equipment, a pair of ATVs for her and her husband, vacation/airplane tickets and so on?
  4. NFL thread

    Simply the best!
  5. Haven't missed it, just disagree with it. I shop at bargain stores, but do own a nice $300 suit. If someone wanted to loan me a more expensive suit to do a photo shoot I'd probably say yes.
  6. [Proposal] Van / OTT

    This just in: Study says all players are aging. Edit to add New study says: Everyone is aging, not just players.
  7. The clothes were borrowed. And being a thrift shopper doesn't mean you can't own nice expensive threads either.
  8. Canadian Armed Forces Thread

    The first Arctic Patrol ship is now in salt water: " The first of the Arctic offshore patrol ships to be built in Halifax launched in the harbour Saturday. The vessel will soon be known as HMCS Harry DeWolf, named after a Nova Scotia native who was one of Canada's most distinguished sailors during the Second World War." "According to Irving Shipbuilding, the Arctic and offshore patrol ship — at 6,615 tonnes — is the largest Royal Canadian Navy ship built in Canada in 50 years."
  9. Almost all new governments get a so called "honeymoon" period. Trudeau's government is now past that time. The mistakes will start to pile up and count. For me the first big mistake was reneging on the electoral reform promise. another biggie is the whole pipeline fiasco.
  10. Please show where this is being ignored or dismissed?
  11. CFL Thread

    don't think it is about which "bowl or cup" they play for, but about the money difference.
  12. So this means a player can come into camp in great shape, deliberately fail all the fitness tests, get his contract release and sign elsewhere as a free agent?
  13. ^ could you please show some kind of evidence she doctored her resume?
  14. Gas spills evaporate into the air, it is oil/diesel that sticks around. And if getting rid of small boats is what it takes to help out the whales then so be it.