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  1. I only dropped into this thread to see that picture. I'll be leaving now.
  2. A forward thinking government would extend Sky train out to the Tswassen ferry terminal and use the old inter urban route from Swartz Bay to Victoria for a ground level transit/train. This would allow BC Ferries to have passenger only sailings, much cheaper to build than passenger/car/truck vessels.
  3. The part that grinds my gears is the bit about Jake not being in shape, which to me was and is false. He spent almost everyday in the summer working out, unfortunately he was doing the wrong type of work. He was too heavy for his leg strength and lost some speed. Over the course of this season he has shed the muscle mass he did not need and I look forward to him having a good solid ending to this season. If he doesn't make the team in the next 3 years I will be willing to call him a bad pick.
  4. 1 Roger Waters- Dark Side and Wall x2 2 Bob Seger- the first time was great, Joe Walsh was the opener, second time was still pretty good. BB King, Heart, Bachman Cummings, John Fogerty, Rush and Sting put on good shows as well.
  5. ^ He was supposed to put on a show up here in Powell River, but had to cancel when he got the gig on Highlander. I went looking for an earlier album of his, had a song called "You don't know what I know" or something like that. Can't find it on You tube. Was a good album though.
  6. Ohh is wiki leaks going to actually factually post something relevant?
  7. The guy was very talented, a hell of a hockey player, but I don't think I'd enjoy going for a few wobbly pops with him. Just a lot too whinny- unlike your self. Maybe that's the geographical difference?
  8. "FTR: I was born on the same day as Wayne Gretzky." Just when I was starting to like you. Lol
  9. Harvey has already admitted he is just trolling on this thread, so I don't count him as one of the deluded, but as for the others?
  10. So a bunch of questions, with a bunch of results well under 50% and a bunch over 50%. Doesn't seem to be a "vast majority". The poll also missed India a country with large Muslim population, third largest if Wiki is to be believed. But I will give you credit for not just pulling the "vast majority" thing out of thin air.