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  1. Ok, so is it illegal to offend somebody?
  2. In Vancouver? Stop by Hi Fi Center or Sound Room In  Victoria Sound Hounds
  3. Shooting in Colorado Springs

    How so? Please elaborate.
  4. Your opinion may differ from others, but just who are YOU calling racist?
  5. The ISIS Thread

    After 9/11 Bill Maher addressed this on his "Politically Incorrect"   show. His advertisers disliked his opinion they removed their commercials from his program. Dude nearly lost his career.
  6. Team Toughness

    Edler's back injury has limited his "ceiling", damn shame, he could have been a Norris pretender at the least.
  7. "One of the things that we won't be able to say about the Sedins is that they made players around them better.  By all accounts, the players around them were only as good as they were and nothing the Sedins did inspired any of them to play at the "next" gear that these players never thought they had.  But that's not on the Sedins...that's on the players around them"   I'd have to disagree, I don't recall any player that played a season with them not having a career best.      
  8. Maybe it would be better if we called them Eskimas rather than Eskimos? I tend to get peeved when someone calls me cracker and not crackah.
  9. Swedish Court: "We Cannot Ban Pirate Bay"

    I'm going to go with the idea that you wrote your post, as having a ghost writer for a hockey web site would be  kind of silly, wouldn't it? Webster's New World Dictionary  Ignorant; lacking knowledge or experience 2)caused by or showing a lack of knowledge 3) unaware(of)  You have attached an emotional context to a word that has none.  Put this way I admit to being ignorant of many things, I'm not Stephen Hawkings or Neil Degrasse Tyson and thus am ignorant on theories of space and time and just space in general. Admitting this does not mean I'm stupid, just ignorant of that field.  
  10. Swedish Court: "We Cannot Ban Pirate Bay"

    There is no personal insult here. J.R. did indicate your post was ignorant- not you, and a brief read of a dictionary would reveal that ignorant is not a word of insult, merely a word used to indicate a lack of knowledge.
  11. Team Toughness

    Did anyone else see Ed Willes'  paragraph about the Sbisa scrap? I'm with him, definetly should have been an instigator to Peluso, also agree the refs should have been quicker getting in there.  Sub Question.  When did good clean hits become an excuse to scrap someone?
  12. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    "couple of my buddies BASE jump.  i was arms reach from one when he jumped off the chief.  My instincts tell me that's a bad idea. "   Most of the time there is a bad downdraft on that cliff, you were right about bad idea.
  13. Best BC born player?

    every time I see that beheading giff I laugh, does that make me a bad person?
  14. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    I believe all of it, except for the "day where it didn't rain" bit. 
  15. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    I'm not sure the Americans are members of NATO, they may just be "supporters". Germany and France as well as Britain have enough military might of their own to make Russia very careful about their choices.