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  1. As others have suggested, if you bring Miller back, might as well trade Markstrom and trade for one of Dallas's cap hit goalies.
  2. Edler missed14 games, Tanev 29, if they stay healthy next year there is a possibility the Canucks make the play offs but would most likely lose that 1st round. Tanev should ask or want to be traded to the eastern conference, there isn't quite as much hitting and his career will last longer.
  3. " 4 hours ago, Drewismyname said: LMAO Have a good one Dazzle. You know, I guess it's true what they say. Never argue with an idiot. They'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. All in a days work. " How come these posts look different, even though Drew's original post does not show it was edited? Was a moderator in here?
  4. The thing that gets me the most is why people will kill other people in the name of their all powerful deity, don't they get that if their all powerful deity wanted people dead the deity would do it itself? What part of "all powerful" don't they understand? Can't God, Allah, Jehova, Zuess or Odin simply kill those they want dead with merely a thought?
  5. 40 minute drive north of Campbell river on Vancouver Island. Close to Robson Bight whale preserve.
  6. Looks like the wind was blowing from behind him and a bit from left to right, bear stood up, got a better smell and went for him. More of a self defence response from the bear than any "true aggression." Any bear can mess you up, good thing that was a fat well fed bear.
  7. I don't see how they could win a lawsuit against the fellow who recorded the incident. They were on a public dock, no expectation of privacy. someone from fish and wildlife is probably going to have to shoot a few of those sea lions now, just because of a hundred idiots snapping pics and feeding the wildlife.
  8. Boeser's skating will be just fine. While judging his speed, in the few games he played in the NHL last year, one should consider he had just finished a season of college hockey along with a play off run. Lot of games for a guy that had not experienced so many high level games in a season. #fatigue.
  9. Malkin plays and rates behind Crosby, Ovi was never the second best player on his team.
  10. so the story" was not initially subjected to..... we require for all our reporting". Why not, who screwed up and are they still employed by Fox despite not meeting the requirement?
  11. "Tez won the DPOY in 92 on a Seahawk team that went 2-14, a crazy feat to say the least " That is amazing.