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  1. crazy junior stats 1980-81 Oshawa Generals OHL 67 81 69 150 197 1981-82 Oshawa Generals OHL 57 62 64 126 138
  2. About an hour before kick off. Pre game radio show full of questions such Who will own the lions who will be gm who will be coach Who will be qb can they find a pass rush, a return game and an offensive line.?
  3. why would anyone watch a video that even you say is a waste of 30 minutes?
  4. $21mill against the cap? Ohh you are referring to the Hawks.
  5. People like me? You don't have a clue what I'm like. Please show me where I insulted either you or someone else.
  6. How about starting a different thread where you post those 100's of instances instead of bringing that stuff here?
  7. Just spent a couple of hours not being able to post or quote on this site, others sites were fine. Had to delete all my cookies, form data etc from windows browser. Leaving this note so I can quickly remember what to do if it happens again.
  8. Redneck refers to a segment of white society, not all white folk therefore most likely not racist.
  9. It took decades to reveal Bill Cosby as scum, not surprised it took so long for Weinstein to get "outed".
  10. It took decades for Cosby to be revealed as scum. Maybe Corey Feldman will start naming names, he has been talking about abuse in Hollywood for a few decades now.
  11. Puerto Rico?
  12. R.J. ?
  13. So today Gillman says they had an offer for Burrows that had a first round pick and a then current mid 6 player. This was just the day before Burr signed 4 yrs at $2 per.
  14. This is a very scary type of thinking. Americans need to think this out carefully.