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  1. Good end to the half.
  2. Thought he made the practice roster?
  3. His songs were so good, he always seemed like a guy that would be good to have a couple of cold ones with, on the back porch.
  4. Years ago,iirc, Readers digest had a story of how a guy that got caught up in a drive by shoot out was riddled with bullets and the ER team was thinking the guy was as good as dead. Just before surgery a Doctor asked if he was allergic to anything. He replied " Bullets." Doctor looks down and says 'This guy will be fine". The dude survived multiple serious wounds. Mindset is very important.
  5. Hope so, good guy, good teammate. However, he is a year older, and missed most of last year. At least this season the organization's depth should mean little to no drop off if he doesn't make the team.
  6. Neck surgery on a guy that earns most of his money by throwing fists is a large concern. As to him helping out Bo here is a link to one story by Jim Jamieson. iirc there were quite a few talking about Dorsett's positive influence.
  7. 2 years left for Dorsett. He was a big help for Horvat, but this neck injury maybe the end of his playing days.
  8. Ironically you seem to want me to believe you. I find many news outlets are good for "what happened" but only a few are good at "why it happened". fewer still will have good thoughts on "how to prevent it happening, again, in the future"
  9. They can disband resentment by mentioning a thing called inflation and a supposedly rising cap. If the next contract gets signed for less than the equivalent cap percentage of the previous deal, no problems.
  10. In a cap world, the price of realty is most likely a very small factor. Being a candidate for next Captain and "face" of franchise is a lot more relevant to salary, imo.