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  1. They suspended a student for posting a photo? What is wrong with people?
  2. Dan Shulman and Buck were just saying Vladd is starting to come around, so hopefully another game or two will get him back to normal. Shame the guy couldn't keep off the weight he had lost during last season.
  3. I looked for "Let me take you dancing" but couldn't find it. My Aunt, and her parrots loved it.
  4. member the old days when trolls seemed to live forever? The new generation just lacks staying power.
  5. and some people seem to be reveling in the fact that others are enjoying JP's misery; strange world isn't it?
  6. Try not insulting others, even Canuck Gms and maybe you get treated better. Make your point without insulting others and the world may smile on you.
  7. Jays try to use wagenspack as a reliever, only to find out they had not put him on the line up card. oops
  8. 4h best power play in regular season goes cold- fire the coach. some people's kids.
  9. What is up with the scratched glass around the time keeper bench? I mean com' mon man.
  10. They aren't the only country with a problem. Lots of non maskers up here in Canada as well.
  11. True, but the game has changed, so snarl isn't as needed as it was. In a decade, if Bo plays that long a larger sample size will be available to compare. Right now almost everyone would take Iggy.
  12. That, and the Elephant sketch are my favourites. * * Warning: favourites change depending on, which of the hundreds they did, I've watched recently.
  13. After the penalties Pearson took I'm fine with a game out. I think coach should sit the worst forward and d man from every previous game, with the two aces replacing them every time. Want to play, play well; however the scrubbed players only miss a game so nobody gets bitter.
  14. immediately reminded me of the Halifax explosion in 1917 "The Halifax Explosion was a disaster that occurred in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the morning of 6 December 1917. SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship laden with high explosives, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. A fire on board the French ship ignited her cargo, causing a massive explosion that devastated the Richmond district of Halifax. Approximately 2,000 people were killed by the blast, debris, fires, or collapsed buildings, and an estimated 9,000 others were injured.[1] The blast was the largest human-made explosion at the time,[2] releasing the equivalent energy of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT (12,000 GJ).[3]"
  15. I'd say the University will end up paying and apologizing to the Prof, given the direct contradiction of their statement " Then it continues with Seems to be releasing info specifically about Dr. Pyne, doe it not? You'd think they would get these letters proof read.
  16. " An organization that fights for academic freedom on Canadian university campuses is criticizing British Columbia’s Thompson Rivers University for suspending an economics professor over of a Facebook post. Mark Mercer, president of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) and a philosophy professor at Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University, is demanding to know why TRU suspended Derek Pyne. “Dr. Pyne’s suspension is a serious violation of his academic freedom,” said Mercer in a letter to TRU. “In addition, that Dr. Pyne may not use his office, his university email address, and other university resources will severely impede his work as a scholar. Thompson Rivers owes it to the academic community to explain why it has taken action against Dr. Pyne and why this action is not an attack on academic standards and values.” Mercer said in an interview that he wrote the letter because he is concerned Pyne’s academic freedom was violated. “SAFS wrote to Thompson Rivers University about the suspension of Derek Pyne because central to our group’s purpose is to explain, defend, and protect academic freedom and freedom of expression on campus,” he said. “When the board of directors believes that academic freedom might have been violated, compromised, or put at risk, SAFS writes a letter to the parties involved asking for clarification or explaining our position.” Pyne said his suspension was over a Facebook post he made on June 10 applauding Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA) for defending academic freedom. “Some good news for a change. Unlike Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association, it seems that some university unions are not opposed to academic freedom. One can debate some of the details of the following statement but the bottom line is that it comes out in support of academic freedom, even when it goes against the university, and the union’s, positions,” his Facebook post said. 'An obvious issue of academic freedom': B.C. university suspends professor for year over Facebook post Barbara Kay: U of A professor holds the line on free expression Free speech in Canada: It was bad five years ago. Do you think it's gotten better since? The post tagged the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators and several members of Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) in a comment. He predicted that TRUFA members would “go running” to Larry Phillips, the executive director of human resources at TRU, to defend them. Phillips brought him into a human resources meeting, and he was told there was a harassment complaint against him. Pyne said the two complainants told TRU that being tagged in the post led to them losing sleep, and one of them claimed she needed time off work to recover. He received a one-year suspension with no pay and no benefits. Pyne said in an interview that he appreciates the support from the SAFS. “At some point, a line has to be drawn or academic freedom will only be a right on paper,” he said. Mercer said in the letter that Pyne’s right to criticize TRU and TRUFA is protected by academic freedom guaranteed to all professors by Article 9.6 of the TRU Collective Agreement. Brett Fairbairn, the president of TRU, said in a letter to the SAFS that Pyne’s suspension is not about his academic freedom, but other issues arising in the workplace. “Privacy laws prevent organizations from releasing information about a specific individual,” said Fairbairn in a letter. “As a result, we will not be releasing information specifically related to Dr. Pyne. Matters involving Dr. Pyne do not pertain to exercise of academic freedom.” Pyne said TRUFA’s chief stewards will be filing a grievance against TRU for academic freedom violations. The TRUFA is demanding the suspension be rescinded and he be reinstated with full retroactive salary and benefits.
  17. From March, wonder what Ben thinks now?
  18. Harvey admitted to trolling, and the pics he posted were in no way fit for all age viewing. He was better able to hold a conversation though. FTG can be a pain, but he can hold his own without going nutty. If the others could do the same they would still be here.