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  1. Someone should necrobump a Shane O'Brien thread so it'll show up as Canucks Sign Shane........

  2. What time on Sunday does free agency start?

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    2. :D


      9AM Pacific on the Telervision

    3. peener


      sweet i thought it was 12pst thanks

    4. SOB for MVP
  3. I hope he busts now
  4. wow amazing
  5. quoting those was definately necessary lol
  6. jigsaw wins this thread
  7. hahah this is actually a pretty decent thread!
  8. this new CDC is kinda laggy for me :(

    1. CanucksLegacy


      i honestly liked the old on better...maybe it's just me...

  9. 11. You will report rule violations to the administrators or moderators.Do not respond by posting spammy messages such as 'IBTL', and 'LOCK AND BAN'. The report button is located to the bottom left of every post. Thousands of new messages are posted every day. The moderators cannot read them all. If you see a post that breaks a board rule, use the report button. Do not be a mini-mod. Harassing users constantly about the rules is not constructive. The best thing you can do is report the post and leave it. RULECEPTION
  10. my angus is prepared

    i don't think i'll make even 1 of those games lol weekdays are horrible for me

  11. I don't know how. I've contributed nothing of value to this forum. What's worse is that there are people with like a 2000+ rep

    Are you prepared for our 0-6 haxball season?

  12. reputation: 1034

    holy tits

  13. LOOOOOL @ straight up lazy