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  1. NFL thread

    Can't believe the Chargers almost lost to a bunch of 2nd stringers
  2. [Proposal] Eberle

    No thanks, Hall is injury prone. I'd much rather take Eberle, I like his game and character better. He's also a natural RW which fits our needs better. Give up less, get a guy who fits better with the team and could be potential future captain material.
  3. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    To everyone that hasn't picked up A Link Between Worlds, do yourself a favour and go get it right now. It's fantastic.
  4. I was about to say the same thing. My dentist used to grill me about my faith every time I went (like I was able to talk anyway) and took the opportunity to tell me all about converting, how God brought me to him as a patient so that he could show me how I needed to be saved. Needless to say I didn't stay with that dentist for very long.
  5. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    If you're going to buy a used DS, 80 bucks is pretty expensive. I've seen them going for $60-70. I would personally upgrade to the 3DS, I really enjoyed the new Pokemon games. It's a huge change and they did pretty well with it for the most part, even if I had high expectations for it haha. You can also buy the 2DS, it's cheaper but doesn't fold. I never use the 3D function on my 3DS because it makes me dizzy, and the 3D effects for a lot of games suck. If you miss your old games, you could always find some roms and download a good emulator like Desmume.
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished playing Beyond Two Souls, excellent game. I definitely recommend it to anyone who appreciates a great plot in a game, with in-depth character development and all that. I heard that there are apparently a bunch of different ways the game can end as well, which is really cool. The gameplay isn't that good, but it's better than Heavy Rain. I also have a thing for soundtracks in movies and games, and I've gotta say that the soundtrack in this game is absolutely fantastic. Blew me away, IMO one of the best games of the year
  7. Ya done fracked up Snow lmfao I died from laughter when I saw the news
  8. Would prefer him over Smith though.
  9. YouTube Thread 2.0

    Saw this on Facebook, everyone was outraged because of the racism. I just find it sad the things that people will do to get their shot at "fame"
  10. NFL thread

    I hate the Pats but that was an incredible game. When Tom threw that interception late in the game I thought it was over. He FINALLY came through when they needed it though. So good.
  11. The only things I don't like are the black gloves and shorts, makes it look unprofessional. The jerseys could've been a lot better but they're not horrible. I hated the jerseys when they were first leaked but the more I look at them the more I like 'em. Especially the black thirds.
  12. Oh, it was just an example. We don't know what the driver did or what could've caused the whole situation but from what we can see from the video and the report, the driver did what anyone would and that's protect his family. Again, can't say for sure until full details from the investigation are released but for now, judging from what we do know, I have to say that the bikers were in the wrong.
  13. Something probably did, but even if someone, say, flips you the bird, still doesn't give you and your little gang the right to attack his vehicle, chase him down, and beat him up. Especially when he was trying to protect his family. I agree that a lot of drivers are total jerks and when you're on a bike or not, if somebody doesn't respect you on the road it would piss anyone off. But it doesn't justify their actions.
  14. Yeah, because 50 people on bikes that slashed his tires didn't have weapons on them.. He was with his family, not the smartest idea. And even if he did have a gun, I doubt he'd be able to take out 50 people, armed or unarmed, with a handgun.