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  1. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    haha panthers
  2. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    alright thanks :D and haha true that but still hate trolls :|
  3. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    yea but personally i'd rather have people hate on me for putting that than them calling me a moron for what i posted even though I am entitled to my opnion. How do i add a signature anyways?
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Maybe i should just add it to my signature so i don't have to add it there it'll just be there. Plus i'd rather have people flip out because i wrote that then have people quote me calling my a moron.
  5. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    haha I'm talking about mistakes that actually affected us
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Gillis does us wonders every year he's been with the Canucks he's added more experience and added what we lacked the previous season. **SIMPLY AN OPINION DON'T FLIP OUT IM NOT AN EXPERT :]**
  7. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I don't remember when he made a bad choice
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I personally think Jensen will have an outstanding year but he will get better over the years like Kesler, and Burrows. BEFORE YOU FLIP OUT I DIDN'T COMPARE HIM TO EITHER OF THEM I SIMPLY STATED HE'LL GET BETTER YEAR BY YEAR LIKE THEM