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  1. Where did you get the TOI (and possibly other stats) from ? Can't find anything like it on
  2. Even if Burrows should be considered better than Hansen (despite the points-stats), Hansen is actually 5 years younger. Now how would you compare Hansen to the player Burrows was (seen as) 5 years ago ? IMO it seems Burr has come a long way in those five years, so Hansen might also. Also His "stone hands" is not due to lack of talent, but due to lack of confidence from himself and AV. . That has been partially repaired in the latest month or two, with the result of 10 (8+2) points in the last 12 games. Also his his Even Strength point stats are the best of the Canucks (in some case best after the Sedins). And previously (AHL + pre-NorthAmerica) he was quite the scorer.