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  1. Mafia: Revolution - game (finally) over; Mafia win

    Vote Virtanen87 I have no reason for this vote. Weekends can be bad for me and it's 12:30 here and I am going to bed because I am tired even though I read almost none of the thread. Basically the vote is to avoid Godkill. I will return to activeness tomorrow evening after work.
  2. Mafia: Revolution - game (finally) over; Mafia win

    I have no issue with the first round extension but feel it's lazy to immediately push it as the game starts as it doesn't always generate much valid conversation. Tightening the noose on some players should in theory force out some of the spam chatter and force players to defend themselves a bit as well as possibly have other players like a Mafia member try to shift heat off a fellow teammate. Things that can become more relevant as the rounds pass. Mafia could even push an extension later in the 1st round if the heat is on one of them. We need to generate more game talk and I feel committing to an early extension can contradict that.
  3. NBA Discussion

    Oh it's always been that way. The Lakers, Spurs, and LeBron's team have won 14 of the last 19 championships. Before that it was the Bulls and now we are seeing the Warriors. Saying fans would love LA and Boston as super teams is debatable. They are large markets and their fans and bandwagon fans would love it sure but I doubt fans of other teams would. I certainly wouldn't like it. Though my point was even if the players accept far worse travel situations it ruins the rest of the leagues competition. The reason to do it is because bad teams in the East are making playoff spots while decent Western teams miss. Putting all the teams in one pool does give you a more accurate playoff pool but it also puts more teams out of the contention picture faster. Management will be able to call it a season much faster and fans of those teams will lose interest faster. Additionally the scheduling would limit rivalries which are more expensive sells and typically better games. This is of course my opinion but I feel it would just split the league even more in talent.
  4. The Overwatch Thread.

    Kaplan did acknowledge Hog was in a bad place. Though I doubt he is ever reverted to one of his old forms it sounds like he will get a buff eventually.
  5. NBA Discussion

    Personally I don't think that will happen in terms of all of them going to LA but it's possible. I would hate to see it happen though. I have doubts the NBA will get rid of conferences though. It would be bad for travel and most players would probably dislike the change. It also may continue to feed the tanking problem and lack of competitive games. More deserving teams would make it but bad Eastern teams that would have previously been fighting for a spot would lose all reason to try.
  6. Kick it up a notch
  7. GG, thanks for hosting MR and apparently again lol. I enjoyed playing even though I always feel a bit bad manipulating peoples trust xD I am in for the next game.
  8. TBH I wasn't anonymous over the last 3 days that was just a weird CDC glitch but I figured arguing that it was technical issues would be hard to sell so I took a risk on the screenshot angle knowing you likely didn't have the original full screen xD GG though. J-23 you played well at the end even if they hate I had to really put extra thought into my posts with you and were the most obvious TP which is a good way to play IMO.
  9. Blended while being one of the only players to call out people and start lynch votes most of the game? It is relevant when you intentionally crop out the only proof of when the earlier screenshot was taken then play it off.
  10. So what vibes was I giving you?
  11. @J-23 Re-read my respond to his time-stamp claim. He is basically begging you now.
  12. You posted them in opposite order. Click on my profile and you see the 2nd image you cropped as well as all of my last posts. If you were really TP you would have left the crop much larger to show that my last post (aka your 1st screenshot) had already been made hence proving that I was anonymous. You flipped them and cropped it that way as a desperate attempt to frame me and I admit it was clever it took me a while to figure it out but it was still flawed. That's all I can really add @J-23 he cropped it and posted it that way for a reason. If it really happened that way he could have buried me by showing as much info as possible in the images.
  13. I was lurking because I was trying to figure out the screenshots as they confused me as well. I haven't been anonymous this entire game and it would be stupid even for a Mafia player to be at this point because their is only 1 Mafia player and no reason to be in that chat with everyone else dead. Even the MK is not relevant to this game anymore. But in poking around I noticed two things. 1. Armbar is anon and has been for this entire game plus some. 2. Armbar posted two pictures of screenshots showing conflicting timestamps. The second image he posts is of my profile itself but is conveniently cropped to not show my last posts. Why don't you post the full screenshot Armbar?