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  1. I get GK if I don't vote and I am out of the loop so I voted for the troll style player.
  2. Japan would be a much safer place if they had guns to handle these fools.
  3. Vote Kaz I believe in Milk really though I am behind. I havent read anything in this thread and need to vote but also must step out for an hour pending change. Stop looking at me. Also I am not a girl
  4. Who is Yachty
  5. Meanwhile Embiid continues to train
  6. For some reason that reminds me of Twilight Sparkles
  7. Top half human. I imagine that fish poonanny comes pre moist. Plus honestly how different can a fishes lady parts be from a humans.
  8. Trespassing? Non story. Most of the world trespassed today just trying to catch pokemon.
  9. I remember being a Vig but not what I did, you know more about me than myself xD
  10. Yeah I will play. I will be active in the hours that fit but the nightfall hours may be wonky as I will be at the gym sometimes using my phone at best.
  11. I took your name for this game.... And got you killed in the first round. You were the Kingpin for the Mafia team I was part of in my first game (JohnLocke's LOST) you were one of my sensei's... and I failed you
  12. It all stems from gun laws though. America had/has such loose gun laws that it let the market get out of control. Buying a gun in America is as easy as finding pot. A lot of gun owners in America aren't hunters but own guns for protection because they have encountered so many scummy people who have guns. Countries that have always been fairly strict on guns don't have these issues in their big cities. Yeah guns aren't bad but why defend a country that hands them out to criminals and the mentally ill like it is candy? I went to a top rated school in my state in the suburbs where most were from well off families. 2 of my peers are dead from being shot to death (that I know of) and 3 more are serving life sentences for killing a senior citizen and robbing him. My schools have been locked down 3 times because someone brought a gun into school. I know 2 other guys who brought guns to school daily but never got caught as they kept it in their cars. I get saying it isn't the guns fault but I don't get people who act like America doesn't have a problem with how guns are handed out. If you are a senior in high school in most states you can walk out of class across the street and buy a gun legally but if you touch alcohol you will be arrested. Guns are way to unchecked in America. If you are American crazy or scummy or whatever you can get a gun easy.
  13. I am not sure I get what you are saying. You see gun laws as not relevant?
  14. As an American guns are a problem. The market is so over saturated it benefits criminals. When I was in school (in the suburbs) you could buy a gun off other students for under a $100 if you were feeling cheap. A few of my friends owned illegal guns simply because people they disliked also owned illegal guns. I never owned one illegal but did ask a guy to show me what he had to sell when I was in high school and he had about 5 on him on hand guns. I own a gun now because I have to deal with a convicted criminal who illegally carries a gun and regularly flashes it but is protected by American laws. I dislike guns but American culture makes them a need.
  15. Did the Rays give him anything yet? You know like a Kayak plus $50 for every hit he had against them over the many years of beating down their terrible team?