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  1. Ask One one two Anything

    You smart. You loyal. I appreciate you. Ackreeate
  2. Has anyone been to Japan?

    Imma hijack this thread since I am in Japan for now. I just got back from the Snow Festival in Hokkaido last weekend I may post pics later. I ate some raw horse there like a true Dothraki =D
  3. [Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

    Put me on a waiting list if anyone wants to jump out. Or just put me in for the next game. I missed Mafia 
  4. Living in Japan without being able to read or speak any Japanese and only being able to use my phone when connected to wi-fi is pretty wild =D grocery shopping is a guessing game.

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    2. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      You guys should take @Spoderman with you

    3. Go Faulk Yourself

      Go Faulk Yourself

      I thought @Spoderman was already in Japan since he's an Otaku.

    4. StealthNuck

      StealthNuck if you just need internet. 

  5. Not really. He's 78 and spent almost all of his life as a praised icon, will get a cushy gig that costs a $&!# ton in taxes, and can't be charged with most of the allegations and this one is from 11 years ago.  Getting his due is basically saying live life anyway you want and when you are on deaths doorstep we will take you in and treat you slightly better than your average retirement home senior. 
  6. NFL thread

    Chip didn't fail because of his system he failed because of his ego. When he had the talent it worked fine (keep in mind he took a 4-12 team and went 10-6) but when he cut most of it then it failed. Chip was football smart but not player smart. Since being fired many players have given him credit for being smart but have been critical of how he treated them. The Eagles owner also restated this in his speech on why he fired Chip and when speaking of the next coach he stressed how he wants a coach who understands how to interact with the players.  I don't think the Eagles are screwed though. They still have a lot of talent on the defensive front 7, money to work with, and a new system may change how effective some players are.  I am alright with him gone but wouldn't go that far. He didn't do to the Eagles what Doug Collins did to the 76ers or what Ruben Amaro did to the Phillies. 
  7. NFL thread

    Eagles ended their playoff hopes in a game that pretty much reflected the entire season. 7 dropped passes, 7 fumbles (2 lost).   With that said I actually feel pretty good about next year. Bradford should be resigned even if they have to overpay a bit he really turned his season around and has looked like a legit talent in the 2nd half of the year. He is just surrounded by incompetence. I would also like Chip to return as his system isn't a problem and works in the NFL but I would consider revoking his full control over the roster. Chip is terrible at evaluating talent. I miss Andy Reid's drafts. Reid's last Eagles draft consisted of... 1 - Fletcher Cox 2 - Mychal Kendricks 2 - Vinny Curry 3 - Nick Foles 4 - Brandon Boykin 5 - Dennis Kelly 6 - Marvin McNutt Jr. 6 - Brandon Washington 7 - Bryce Brown Meanwhile Chip is giving us guys like Marcus Smith and Nelson Agholor xD Hicks and Matthews have been the only 2 guys hes drafted in the last 2 years that have been legit.   But I think if they focus the draft and FA on the offensive line and WR's they will fix the offensive issues. I would also cut Riley Cooper. Defensively I would simply fire Bill Davis. The Eagles have a lot of defensive talent but the system is just idiotic. It doesn't maximize their strengths and it embraces their weaknesses.    I doubt they turn it around in the fashion Carolina did but I see them in a similar situation where a few specific changes could get them rolling again.
  8. NFL thread

    Beckham Jr. is reportedly expected to be suspended for a game. I think that is a bit of an overreaction. Arizona is one of the best teams (possibly the best) in the league. They have the 2nd best record in the NFL, the #2 offense, the #6 defense, #3 in TO difference, and an MVP candidate playing QB. Praising the Redskins because of what the Cardinals did doesn't exactly translate.    The Redskins are a .500 team with the #16 offense, the #16 defense, and #16 in turnover difference (definition of mediocrity). While led by an average QB who has only thrown for more than 1 TD in 3 games. And look at the records of the teams they beat to get those 7 wins this seasons. Rams: 6-8 Eagles: 6-8 Buccs: 6-8 Giants: 6-8 Bills: 6-8 Saints: 5-8 (play tonight) Bears: 5-9 In other words they haven't beaten a single team with a .500 record or better. When they faced the Panthers they lost 44-16 where as an inconsistent team like the Giants nearly beat them. Plus keep this in mind the Redskins are 6-2 at home but 1-5 on the road. The Skins final 2 games are in Philadelphia and in Dallas and remember Dallas has 1 win this season without Romo and that 1 win was against the Skins.   But back on the Eagles and Cardinals the Eagles didn't truly get burned until the 2nd half when Rowe and Maxwell were hurt. Up until they got hurt it was only a 17-10 game. The defensive backfield on some plays were literally Biggers and Watkins at CB with Maragos and Reynolds playing safety. When you have 5th string players taking a starters role you are likely in trouble on any team. Both players are still unknown for next game though. Even with the defensive issues the real issue in the game was simply just turnovers. Cards had 0 turnovers and the Eagles had 4. Turnovers can literally be 14 point swings as some of those turnovers came on productive moving drives and just fed more points to the Cards.    It's unlikely any NFC East team would go far in the playoffs but I would rather see the Eagles or Giants in. With the Redskins you pretty much know they will just get beat around by the first team they play but with the Eagles or Giants they have a chance that they may show up and play a competitive game.
  9. What exactly is Miss Universe anyway?
  10. NFL thread

  11. Why doesn't Islam belong in America? America's whole marketing was being a melting pot of culture and freedom in every area. Everything but Islam though? xD Plus how is what he wants to do any different than old white america and how they reacted to any non white incident? Might as well support things like Japanese American concentration camps because Pearl Harbor. Plus groups like Isis don't even represent Islam. They use it as a veil and slaughter true follows. Just my take. Just because an old guy makes money and is loud doesn't mean he is smart. Even with marketing in America they say expect to take years to make progress because you are dealing with old guys who are out of touch. With that said I doubt Trump wins. The way he speaks gains certain traditional groups but pushes a lot of votes away. I honestly think if he is nominated he will inspire more people to vote just to avoid him xD I mean I never vote but if I am in America during elections I will be sure to vote just to help avoid it.
  12. NFL thread

    Given how often he saves them what do they owe him? xD
  13. 2012 draft

    They have been a let down so far but most are only 21-22 years old and are literally still raw prospects. For example Shayne Gostisbehere is literally a rookie who is shredding it up and still learning. Realistically many other players from that class will also emerge.
  14. NFL thread

  15. NFL thread

    Beckham all game. What an embarrassment.