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  1. Yeah, these aren't unrealistic. Though I don't feel Philly will make a buyers move. Bishop offers an immediate help and could get them into the playoffs but as a bottom end team. Odds are they still aren't a serious cup threat and risk losing him this offseason for a 23 year old sophomore. Keep in mind Philadelphia has also drafted 4 goalies in the last 2 drafts and Hextall has overall sounded like he is content building most of the team through these drafted players even if its a slower process. Overall I feel Philly is closer to being a seller than a buyer this season.
  2. Philadelphia is a large market team. Despite being the 18th ranked team in the league they still sellout their home games and average the 5th highest attendance in the league. So it is common to see Flyers jerseys at opposing stadiums and as mentioned because they are often bright orange they stand out easily. With that said I actually was a little surprised as I thought I saw more Flyers fans there than usual but it makes sense. Vancouver hasn't had a great season and the ticket sales reflect that. Philadelphia is also very far away from Vancouver and is a rare match up given conferences so it makes sense that Flyers fans in the area would be more eager to see the game given the availability of tickets and the fact that they don't have much opportunity to see that match up.
  3. Kings Get: - Buddy Hield (23 year old #6 pick) - Tyreke Evans (expiring contract) - Langston Galloway (1 more year on contract) - 2017 1st Round Pick (top 3 protected, currently looks like it will be a mid round pick) - 2017 2nd Round Pick Pelicans Get: - DeMarcus Cousins - Omri Casspi In 2015's offseason.... Kings Get: - Artūras Gudaitis - Luka Mitrović *This was a cap dump which they freed around 15 million with which was used to sign Rondo for 1 year. 76ers Get: - Nik Stauskas (21 year old #8 pick) - Carl Landry - Jason Thompson - Rights to swap 1st round picks in 2016 and 2017's drafts (unprotected) - 2018 1st round pick (unprotected) The 76ers got a better return for Cap Space than the Kings got for Cousins.... Additionally none of this even makes sense. Before last season they said they want to build around Cousins so they trade all those assets to clear cap to bring in help and they bring in Rondo of all people for 1 season. They then give up on this a year later and even after Cousins says he wants to stay and resign in Sac they trade him for a light return. To make things worse the tanking makes little sense given Philadelphia owns your 2018 pick and can take your 2017 pick. It's like they are trying to replicate the current Nets rebuild. The Kings are basically doing the 76ers tanking for them now.
  4. I get GK if I don't vote and I am out of the loop so I voted for the troll style player.
  5. Japan would be a much safer place if they had guns to handle these fools.
  6. Vote Kaz I believe in Milk really though I am behind. I havent read anything in this thread and need to vote but also must step out for an hour pending change. Stop looking at me. Also I am not a girl
  7. Who is Yachty
  8. Meanwhile Embiid continues to train
  9. For some reason that reminds me of Twilight Sparkles
  10. Top half human. I imagine that fish poonanny comes pre moist. Plus honestly how different can a fishes lady parts be from a humans.
  11. Trespassing? Non story. Most of the world trespassed today just trying to catch pokemon.
  12. I remember being a Vig but not what I did, you know more about me than myself xD
  13. Yeah I will play. I will be active in the hours that fit but the nightfall hours may be wonky as I will be at the gym sometimes using my phone at best.
  14. I took your name for this game.... And got you killed in the first round. You were the Kingpin for the Mafia team I was part of in my first game (JohnLocke's LOST) you were one of my sensei's... and I failed you
  15. It all stems from gun laws though. America had/has such loose gun laws that it let the market get out of control. Buying a gun in America is as easy as finding pot. A lot of gun owners in America aren't hunters but own guns for protection because they have encountered so many scummy people who have guns. Countries that have always been fairly strict on guns don't have these issues in their big cities. Yeah guns aren't bad but why defend a country that hands them out to criminals and the mentally ill like it is candy? I went to a top rated school in my state in the suburbs where most were from well off families. 2 of my peers are dead from being shot to death (that I know of) and 3 more are serving life sentences for killing a senior citizen and robbing him. My schools have been locked down 3 times because someone brought a gun into school. I know 2 other guys who brought guns to school daily but never got caught as they kept it in their cars. I get saying it isn't the guns fault but I don't get people who act like America doesn't have a problem with how guns are handed out. If you are a senior in high school in most states you can walk out of class across the street and buy a gun legally but if you touch alcohol you will be arrested. Guns are way to unchecked in America. If you are American crazy or scummy or whatever you can get a gun easy.