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  1. Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen Dahlen - Petterson - Boesser Goldobin - Gaunce - Granlund Joulevi - Tanev Tryamkin - Stetcher Hutton-Gudbranson 3 years down the road when Tryamkin hopefully comes back. Need a big 4th line that can bruise and forecheck hard, and we should be good.
  2. Cross between Mitchell and Hamonic. We havent had a dman like this, maybe ever. And he will actually stick up for and defend any of his teammates, without hesitation.
  3. The guy is a beast who can skate and rally the troops. We need dmen like him to go up against the McDavids of the division. McCann will be a heck of a player, but Gudbranson is worth it.
  4. Tryamkin on one pairing, and Gudbranson on another.. this d corps is looking tough for once. Edler - Tanev Gudbranson - Sbisa Hutton - Tyamkin Still hope Hammer comes back.
  5. Gudbranson is like a young Willie Mitchell, but meaner. A little like Travis Hamonic, but harder hitting. People who are moaning about this trade have no clue how lucky we are to have acquired this guy. Gudbranson, at 24, was already a leader on the Panther team. He is the type of hockey player you'd want to go to war with on the ice.
  6. I liked McCann a lot. But I will take Gudbranson anyday. Gudbranson is a legit beast of a top 3 dman on any team who can play on the top pairing. He played an average of 26 minutes a night for Florida in the playoffs. He may not be as offensively gifted as we need in a dman right now, but defensively he is everything and more. Hes a true leader, that hits, and can skate. Can't wait to see him in a Nucks uni. To that poster who compared him to Sbisa, you've clearly never seen Gudbranson play. He was drafted 3rd overall for a reason. The guy can flat out play hockey.
  7. You sir, are an absolute embarrassment to the rest of us Canuck fans. For all the blood sweat and tears Hamhuis has given this franchise and city, he had every right to do what he did. Hope he resigns here and shows our upcoming young defensive core how to play defense.
  8. The US national development program teaches their players that their allegiance is to the USA over even their NHL club teams. I know this first hand as I have a family member who was at one point part of this program. They are literally taught to despise the Canadians and Russians. This is why I cringe everytime we bring an American player on board our roster . The willingness to win for our Canadian city, that extra drive, that X factor, is not there. In recent memory...Look at Higgins, Sestito, Booth, Ballard, and Kesler. Consider Tortorella. There was a work ethic issue and disconnect with each. Then consider the Canadian talent we have brought in. Even if they arent that skilled of a player, the drive, work ethic and determination are normally still there. This is why I personally would take Laine or Chychrun over Matthews anyday.
  9. I am probably the biggest Bergeron fan in Vancouver. The guy is incredible. But even Bergeron wasnt expected to be Bergeron before his first full season. In fact, NONE of our star players the last decade were supposed to be as good as they turned out to be. Bertuzzi was given up on, as was Naslund. Vancouver had writtent he Sedin off as 2nd and 3rd line checkers. Burrows and Kesler were supposed to be 3rd line checkers themselves. All of them became core members of this team. People on these boards are so quick to judge. It is what makes being a Canuck fan so embarrassing at times and why coming on here can be a waste of time. I bet 90 percent of the people complaining about this trade havent even watched Granlund play.
  10. Thank you to the poster who started this thread, and those who stand behind the Canucks no matter what. There are way too many so called fans who feel the need to bash and just be outright negative. You hear it on the streets, you hear in bars, restaurants, etc. The one common denominator for me is that these bashers are clearly people who do not play, and likely never have played the game. Its as if they get some self worth from being negative and trying to convince others of their negative opinions because it makes them look either bold or wiser than the rest. Im not saying obstain from critiquing the team, but if you`re calling players useless and asking for half the team to be traded, or comparing players on our team with other teams player who are in completely different circumstances, then you really are not a fan. Be proud of your players who play their hearts out for you. They are doing everything they can to win.
  11. I'd take Hamilton over Hutton, but I am proud as heck that we have Horvat, McCann and Virtanen as the future of this franchise. These are 3 never say die player that will one day do whatever it takes to bring this city a cup. No, they are not elite yet, and I love Monahan as a player, but It is unreal how some fans on these boards undervalue our own players and overestimate others. It's this constantly throwing our own players under the bus attitude that makes our fanbase embarrassing to be a part of. Cheer for your players, support them, and stop constantly making stupid comparisons to other teams players. The circumstances of each team are completely different. Take Hudler for example. He drove Babcock and his staff nuts. He was, at best a 3rd liner on that club. He gets an opportunity to play top line minutes and he starts producing. No one expected the West Coast Express to dominate the way they did, and no one expected the Sedins to become the stars they did. Fans wanted all 6 of these guys gone, and look what happened.. they showed the entire league they could dominate. Enough with the comparisons. Support your team.
  12. Love it.. I do not care where in Canada they are from, as long as thehy are Canadian. Canadian players will play their hearts out for the city they play in. We need players who put the fans and city first and the kids we have right now prove that they care. You can see it in their game and their hustle. I have yet to see Virtanen, McCaan, Gaunce, Shinkaruk take a shift off so far this year. Their is zero drama with them. We need as many Canadian players on this roster. They have that X factor and that willingness, that passion and drive to win that no other countries players have. Less indifference from the likes of Higgins, Boninos and Sestitos please, less drama queens like Keslers and Tortarellas please. I think the management has caught on and thank god for it.
  13. I'll bet my life savings that Kanes attorney has already spoken to the bartender/owner and training him on what to say.
  14. I will never understand how R Kelly got off free.
  15. Higgins is the most indifferent player the Nucks have had in years. He could not care less whether the Canucks are a contender or not. Look at the Sedins, Tanev and Horvat on the flipside. You see it in their game every single shift. All they want to do is win for this city and make the team better. You can tell that losing eats away at them. They play with a vested interest. Higgins does not, and has never.