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  1. Yup, still remember that game. Jake was flying that preseason. I think Baer and Bo work well together, but Baer and Virtanen somehow didn't work as well. You need cohesion between all 3 players to have an effective scoring line. I hope Green keep Bo and Jake together.. From what I've seen, Leivo seems to work well on the other side. Pearson has so far looked better with Sutter than with Bo.
  2. I loved Santorelli. The guy was so underrated. He played a heavy game for his size and gave it everything he had each shift... a total Green type player. I was surprised when he retired.
  3. how long have you been watching hockey? 3 weeks? Quinns an excellent powerplay dmen and will be a very good offensive dman for us, but people have to stop drinking the Koolaid. He still cant play the PK, gets easily knocked off pucks and is subpar in his own end. We still need young dmen to compliment Quinn if we are going to get anywhere when the playoffs come around.
  4. Hes playing for a contract. Hes played well, but hes not yet forgiven for that godawful performance last year. I can't remember seeing such an uninspired effort from a player for such a long stretch, than a i saw from Schaller last year.
  5. Way more Pitbull than Bo? I love the Podz pick, and hes going to be a heck of a player for us but fans often have a tendancy to overrate players that have yet to play an NHL game. I get why.. its because we havent seen any downsides to their games yet and thats when the fantasy of the player living up to your expectations thrives. I can't wait till Podz gets here. Hes going to be great, but not many players in the league have the power and the motor that Bo has.
  6. Why did Green keep playing the Beagle line over the Horvat line when we were 1 up and then tied 5-5? I like the way Beagle and Shaller played but you don't overplay our 4th line when you have better options available in a crucial period of the game. The Horvat line with Jake and Ferland was the one line along with the Leivo and Sutter that were able to get behind the Washington defense and do damage. I love the balance of our team, but Petey and Brock looked seriously out-muscled throughout the game. I think when Rousell comes back, we should try him on their LW.
  7. Blackwood is one of the best young goalies in the game. Probably will end up being one of the best soon.
  8. Green shouldve let Jake and Ferland set the tone early with some good body checks. Boeser is giving the puck away too much when along the boards.
  9. Cmon Greener, this is exactly the type of game you want Jake and Ferland getting lots of ice time in.
  10. 4th line having a good game. Best game Schaller has ever played for us.
  11. Its not a goal song though. Doesnt have the rythym or excitement needed for a goal song. Also, most fans wouldnt relate to it.
  12. We need a song with a sick riff. It cant just be about the lyrics. Aint talking about love is great but its been done. Lets be original
  13. What about "white sports car" for the intro? That would be so badass. I wasnt even born the decade it was released but even i get pumped up hearing that song.
  14. Does anyone feel that Brock and Petey should play on seperate lines? There is some chemistry but i felt Horvat and Brock had more chemistry when they played together. Petey can excel with anyone, but i almost feel he needs two tougher wingers on his line like Ferland to retreive pucks and do the dirty work.
  15. That is so telling. Torts was a nightmare and worried more about paying less in taxes.