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  1. Id prefer just to keep everything the same (logo, jerseys, colours), but i would be ok with adding an alternate Johnny Canuck jersey
  2. Vey for me.... I think he could surprise some people if he plays up to his potential
  3. Great term.... not bad on the AAV either
  4. Sweet!! We get our sniper
  5. Frank Seravalli ‏@DNFlyers 9s My guess is Rob Zepp, a 32 y/o coming from Germany, will be Anthony Stolarz's backup in AHL. But Flyers could have bigger plans for him.
  6. $6 M per is a bit much imo but glad we have Miller
  7. Brian Lawton @brianlawton9 · 2m I am now hearing Boyle and Iginla as possible targets for @TBLightning in the UFA Mkt. Some vets to go with a strong group of young players
  8. The Bolts cleared $5.6 mil in cap room with those two trades..... I guess they are preparing to make a run at someone on July 1
  9. *2nd rounder.... even better!!
  10. It is a 6th rounder coming back to TB for Gagner and Crombeen
  11. What a great move from Stevie Y..... he obviously wanted to dump Purcell's salary ($4.5 M cap hit) without buying him out. So he trades him for another guy he doesn't want who is cheaper which allows him to get picks back that he couldn't get for Purcell cuz of his cap hit.
  12. lol am I the only one that thinks "Arizona Coyotes" sounds weird?
  13. Good deal for the Bolts.... Gagner is better than Purcell and he is also younger
  14. I don't think drafting Demko necessarily makes Markstrom expendable since Demko will be playing at Boston College next season.... but if we signed Miller it would definitely make Markstrom expendable.
  15. He played on the Sabres for most of the year.... what do you expect? As far as I'm concerned that is a good SV% playing on the last place team in the NHL.