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  2. I would have to say my favourite prospect is Horvat
  3. lol u call this "tweaking"??
  4. It would be great if we could get K Conn back.... Also we could try to get Cameron Gaunce to re-unite him with his brother Brendan.
  5. Well they gotta trade somebody to get under the cap.... I would deal Versteeg or Oduya before Leddy though
  6. Would rather Aquilini spend his money to bring an NBA team to Vancouver since there would be no way, even if he was the highest bidder for the Bills, that he would be allowed by the NFL to move the team out of Buffalo.
  7. Decent proposal seems close to fair value but the only problem i have with it is that I dont think the Jets would want to trade Kane within the division..... That could come back to bite them 4+ times a year for the next 10 years
  8. Pretty low risk, high reward type move.... Good signing especially considering that Timonen is out
  9. this is the type of deal where the Pens could get burned real bad if Sutter fulfills his potential....
  10. I remember Trev talking about compensation on Team 1040..... apparently they took it out of the CBA a few years ago and they voted to put it back in just a few months ago, but it wont come into effect until September. So long story short we wont get compensation for this, but I think we would have if Williams had left a month from now.
  11. Also says here that Williams was not fired by us, he left for a "real exciting opportunity"..... now our hiring of Ben Cooper makes sense.
  12. Lol what did we do to Alabama.... I didnt even know people watch hockey in Alabama. Also the Jets hated by Africa and Habs hated by South America crap is so rediculous im not even gonna try to figure that out.
  13. Id prefer just to keep everything the same (logo, jerseys, colours), but i would be ok with adding an alternate Johnny Canuck jersey
  14. Bishop had one good year, i would have waited until half way thru this season if I were Stevie Y just to make sure last year wasn't a fluke. Then I would have given him a big $$$ extension.