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  1. $6 M per is a bit much imo but glad we have Miller
  2. Brian Lawton @brianlawton9 · 2m I am now hearing Boyle and Iginla as possible targets for @TBLightning in the UFA Mkt. Some vets to go with a strong group of young players
  3. The Bolts cleared $5.6 mil in cap room with those two trades..... I guess they are preparing to make a run at someone on July 1
  4. *2nd rounder.... even better!!
  5. It is a 6th rounder coming back to TB for Gagner and Crombeen
  6. What a great move from Stevie Y..... he obviously wanted to dump Purcell's salary ($4.5 M cap hit) without buying him out. So he trades him for another guy he doesn't want who is cheaper which allows him to get picks back that he couldn't get for Purcell cuz of his cap hit.
  7. lol am I the only one that thinks "Arizona Coyotes" sounds weird?
  8. Good deal for the Bolts.... Gagner is better than Purcell and he is also younger
  9. I don't think drafting Demko necessarily makes Markstrom expendable since Demko will be playing at Boston College next season.... but if we signed Miller it would definitely make Markstrom expendable.
  10. He played on the Sabres for most of the year.... what do you expect? As far as I'm concerned that is a good SV% playing on the last place team in the NHL.
  11. Why don't people like the idea of Miller signing here? I see Miller as an upgrade on Lack, and he still has a few good years left imo. I think Lack is good, but I also think its a little risky to rely on him to be our #1 next year. Plus, Miller could be a good mentor to Demko in a few years time. So long as Benning doesn't overpay, I don't have any problems with Miller coming here.
  12. Canucks need to take advantage of playing teams outside or on the bubble of the playoffs this week with NYI, WPG, FLA, WSH on tap..... lets get off to a good start vs the Isles. 3-2 Canucks (Matthias, Hansen, Jensen with the goals)
  13. I have been really busy the last few days and couldn't pick up NHL 14 today .... I did play around with the demo a bit in the last few weeks so I know about the general gameplay. Could some of you just tell me how you guys like the Live the Life mode so far and same for Be A GM mode (is it different at all)? Thanks!!
  14. You do raise a good point in that St. Louis would play well on the big ice.... Like I said I wouldn't be suprised if he made it and I think he deserves it.
  15. I would not at all be surprised if St. louis made the team. But, the reason why I didn't was because he is undersized and is getting older. Canada has so many great offensive players to choose from and I just think there are younger, bigger players that Canada could choose from.