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  1. 3-2 canucks 27 shots No changing the bonus question this time! I was dead on with my 0 shots for Edler last game! :0
  2. 5-4 Canucks 0 shots
  3. Proud of the boys! I could heap a lot of praise on many players this season but who blows me away game in game out is Alex Burrows. Love Bo spending time with him. I truly hope Bur is a Canuck until he hangs em up then into the ring of honor.
  4. 3-0 lead was deceptive - Hawks were hitting a lot of Iron and overall looking like the contenders they are. We stayed in it and got a point. BO and Sutter goals were beauties. Still though, this one kinda pissed me off. 3rd period....guess the boys were tired being on the back to back.....oh wait....
  5. 3-1 Canucks 34 shots
  6. GO CANUCKS GO!!! 4-2 Canucks GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  7. So much to love about that game! Proud of the boys!
  8. Proud of you boys! GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  9. Canucks Steakhouse Rangers Marbles As likely to win as any of the numbers I put out there...
  10. GO CANUCKS GO!!! Canucks: Steakhouse Rangers: Marbles Its about as likely to be the score as any numbers I put out there. Also assuming the USA is not burning to the ground and there is a game. GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  11. 4-3 Canucks GO CANUCKS GO!
  12. GO CANUCKS GO!!! 4-3 Canucks GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  13. 2-1 Canucks GO CANUCKS GO