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  1. Gotta get that guy from dodgeball in our training staff. "if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a puck"
  2. With teams mostly having an MRI in the back yard, he hopefully was able to spot it before it metastasized. Non-athletes have to deal with GP's who will say its probably just a bruise and keep sending you away till its too late to do anything about it. If he has any luck at all he may be Ok on the other side of this.
  3. The mob/court of public opinion almost never has the gift of nuance or subtlety at their disposal. Unfortunately there isn't really an organization that has the stones to stand up to the mob and tell them they are being irrational. There is going to be some collateral damage for sure. Hopefully the end result is coaches who act like dickheads on a regular basis have to change their ways.
  4. I sorta side with looch on this one, but the big dumb lug should have just dropped the mitts and took the instigator instead of doing his typical gloved punch thing. Sooner or later, the league was going to have to address it. Like tommy sestito did with that big asshole on the kings that one time.
  5. barring injures (there is always those), id waive Fantenburg and have rotate him and benn into/out of the lineup to see where tram fits in this lineup. I fully expect we will be dipping into our AHL D-man pool by then and tram could just slot into the 4/5/6 position.
  6. Kassian Looked exactly what I hoped he would become when he was on our team last night. Happy for the big guy.
  7. One takeaway from this game is that our First unit PP is going to be money this year. Huges-Myers sure know how to find the angles.
  8. Our first unit power play and OT lineup is going to be a lot more fun this year for sure.
  9. On paper, we are way better than this time last year. If we remain reasonably healthy this year instead of loosing half our defence and half our top 6 again, I think we are 8th seed or better.
  10. mmmm im torn on this one, going into the corner like that is suicide. Other guys really has to let up. im ok with getting 1-2 game for this during regular season.
  11. boldy or soderstom in the 1rst round please.