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  1. WTF, fringe player Hansen +10, Sniper Vrbata -9

    Honey badger doesn't give a #*@& about +/-. Honey badgers gonna eat em up.
  2. Ex Canuck Weise On Fire

    Dutch Gretzky is boss. Always knew he would break out sooner or later.
  3. Who gets moved once everyone is healthy?

    Vrbata isnt a playoff player, cracknell is.  Hammer gives us needed D-power (which we cannot afford to loose any more).  Higgins gives us needed versatility in the lineup in case of injury and IMO would fetch less than vrbata for the right team.  Either hammer or vrbata goes for a 2nd rounder or a 2nd and 3rd. Probably find a buyer for vrbata easier.
  4. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    tried that last time. Stats barely buded for 3 years  
  5. [GDT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 | 7PM | SNV/RDS/CITYM

    Bartman and spizza making life hard on forwards in our own end. Love how fiesty the boys are playing tonight.
  6. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Interestingly enough, since I hung on to weber instead of bringing up clendenning, he turned into an average 7/8 d instead of top 4.
  7. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Is there some trick to developing horvat? Second time thru here and despite getting solid minutes with quality linemates, he's gonna be a bust again I think.
  8. Brad "The Rat" Marchand out with concussion

    What a weird way to get a concussion. Was a nothing play.
  9. Hutton getting mad love from the panel.
  10. I loved everything about that game, especially torts going off to the flames dressing room. I was licking my chops from the moment they announced his signing. Torts wasn't gonna lead us to victory, but he encouraged a philosophy of truckulance that was needed badly. I had as much fun watching torts as I did watching the nucks play.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burrows and Hansen mccannt live without him.
  12. Two days into the regular season...

    Promote TRR to the first line with the sedins. I agree with everything he says and id like to subscribe to his newsletter
  13. 2nd Line Forechecker?

    Throw hansen with bearcheeze n horvat. re-unite burrows with the twins. have a 2a in higgy/sutter/vrbata. Use the 4th line for rookies/tough-guys depending on opponents. thats 3 solid lines right there with offensive output.
  14. Well he's getting better, at least he didn't spear somebody in the balls and pretend it didn't happen despite the fact we live in an era with the magic of being able to record things seen thru those whatchacallums... Cameras. I got no problems with him starting a scrap (instigating penalty or not) for what he feels is a dirty hit. That's part of tough-guy hockey. Its all that other stupid BS he gets himself into. Show you are better than the a$$clowns and display some class. LA isn't boston. People most everywhere else thinks that kind of behavior is dooshy.
  15. Jannik Hansen

    I foresee Hansen stays till virtanen is ready for full time. If Virtanen can develop his defensive game to the level Hansen has of course. At this time i see no other possible replacement for what he brings to the lineup.