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  1. ^ this. santo was better than vey in all areas 100% of the time. His compete level was thru the roof too.
  2. Good signing, we needed this guy. This and another middle 6 guy and we push for a playoff spot imo.
  3. The law is clear in these cases. You can use reasonable force to detain someone till cops arrive. Beating a kid to death with a bat is not reasonable force. Dudes doing some jail time. Lethal force is justified only to protect life, not property. Even then, expect to go bankrupt defending yourself in court if you have your life threatened and use lethal force. Sounds like $&!# got serious out of hand.
  4. Lets hope Larson or subban surprised out of camp and we can move sbisa for a pick. Who knows, tryamkin seems solid in his own end and could be that steady defender that allows sbisa to play his game. Gotta admit with those two together. Our end is gonna create some bruises in our end.
  5. Uhhhh.... that 3rd pairings gonna be a tire fire. Would much rather have hammer than sbisa.
  6. Mount begbie nasty habit. Great brew.
  7. Since this happened I kept thinking about trying to come up with something to do that would actually make a difference. So far all I an come up with is gonna be unpopular. So you start mandatory programs I high-schools and collages nationwide on dealing with active shooter situations. As we've seen play out if you try to run or hide people are getting shot like fish in a barrel. Teach young people to attack in this situation. If 10 people bum-rushed attackers you will certainly have som casualties, but chances are you can disarm a single gunman. Might be body counts of 4 or 5 instead of 50 after 5-10 years of this program. It will take a while for this plan to bear fruit. But as we have seen in places like Texas, a public that fights back fares a lot better.
  8. I knew they'd figure out a way to send Gordie off right. Glad the CBC stepped up and got a deal done with the band.
  9. The Americans could probably do with some kind of licensing system federally like they do here. Enhanced background checks and the like. Only a minor inconvenience for those wanting to buy. Unfortnetly with the number of guns legal or otherwise In circulation now, it's all too late to make a difference.
  10. Doing away with guns won't solve the problem, some nut just killed an mp in Britain with a home made. It might suprise some to know that In Canada when we banned machine guns they didn't hit the smelter. Most got grandfathered and remain in gun safes all over the country, literally thousands of them in the hands of legal licensed holders. To my knowledge no gun crime has ever happened here with any of these guns.
  11. Or cars. Car stupidity is the leading cause of mayhem in both our countries.
  12. Blow at high dough. Great leadup, kickin good tune.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks higgins and burrows with granlund on the 4th would be just fine? Guess we need to figure out how dorsett fits in?
  14. I like how this d-core is starting to shape up if we can make a splash on free agency the back end is done. Little town on Mcann, I think he could be real good, or perhaps just another hodgeson.
  15. Matthews is killing it for me in 2017. But the big surprise is my 4th line of kenins henrick Hansen. They are feasting on other teams 4th lines. Hansen is over a PPG and so is henrick.