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  1. That goal was so filthy that I caught herpes watching it.
  2. Who Should Play John Scott in the John Scott Movie?

    Sean William Scott  
  3. Bring Back the Flying V ?

    No but bring back the triple deke  
  4. The only solution that I can see is to have the DOPS become a separate entity from the NHL. Have the players association pay for it, and ultimately be answerable to the people its supposed to serve. 
  5. John Scott Leading The All-Star Vote

    NHL should call up tostitos for the other team, then in the middle of the game Scott and the boxing hobo have a flawlessly chirographed fight like that goon movie. The rest of its bs anyways, why not let the face punchers have a moment? They have given just as much to be there as the stars.
  6. No suspension

    I don"t get how this isn't a suspension.  Hendricks just got 3 games for boarding for the same play. I can see the release now; DOPS: 1. This is boarding. At no time is sedin eligible to be hit and he makes no turn at the last moment. 2. grabovski has no history of supplemental discipline 3. sedin was injured on the play and did not return. 4. DOPS is on crack today so; Alexander edler is suspended for 5 games Becaus F%CK SEDINS!   To be fair this wasnt a violent hit, but it was a poor decision on grabovskis part.  i still think minimum 1 extra game suspension on that one.
  7. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Restarted with new roster, was able to snatch darnel nurse for radim vrbata. Starting my rebuild with the rearguard.  Sedins are on pace for 70+ points despite being 10th place all season. Managed to recycle prust and Dorset and lower picks into first and a second. Think I'll send mcann back to junior and bring up cassles.  Boy did they ever nurf shinkuruk. Hope my coaching staff can prove the scouting staff wrong. Looks like career ahler now.  
  8. That's a mad compliment. Hansen is a top line player.  If Vert turns into Honey Badger 2.0 we should all celebrate.  Imagine two honey badgers on the team!
  9. At full speed it looks like sill anticipated a turn to the left up the boards that never occured, he wasn't going that fast and the hit wasn't particularly violent.  2 minute minor for a split second whoops that unfortunately ended poorly. I don't see the merit in a suspension here.
  10. [Report] Hansen fined $2000 for diving

    Was a dive, or he toe-picked. Whatever, he gets paid lke 2000 bucks a shift. Should saved the money for a spear to marchands balls.
  11. Is Nylander the next Patrick Kane?

    How much wood could a wood Chuck Chuck?
  12. Report: Canucks TV Ratings are down 27%

    You guys are too hard on stumpolumpolus. He's just a habs fan who used to do much music for a living thrown into a role he doesn't fit quite right. Like weber playing defence.
  13. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    I'm overloaded down the middle but weak at d and rw In 2017. You think any team wants to trade any hot prospects or established players? Forget about it. I tried 5 firsts and Ryan kesler for dougie hamilton. A gross overpayment. Still wouldn't bite. Think they made trades stupid hard In 1.0.  
  14. Prust Fined $5000 for Spear on Marchand

    I'm really surprised he got fined at all, kesler got the mother of all sack taps in 2011 or 2012 from Tim Thomas, No fine. not to mention the roughly 8 times looch did it last two years that were much worse. Tho I won't cry for rat boy, I'd never do it myself to intentionally. I consider it dirty hockey. Actually the last time I saw someone do it outside the NHL was in my minor hockey days and I got In fight over it.  As far as I'm concerned anyone who gets caught doing it on camera can sit for a game. 
  15. Prust Fined $5000 for Spear on Marchand

    You ever worn one? Super easy to get the boys from the side or from the rear. Getting The beanbag in hockey is like attacking a panther tank. Pretty strong armour In the front, weak on the sides and rear. Plus the cup shifts with movement.   Maybe I just have large testicles, but I've also squeezed a bit on the edge of my cup once when I caught an errant stick there.