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  1. We need some defensive chops with hansen/burrows out and some offensive minded players in. this is a good pickup.
  2. Larsen isn't tenacious or smart enough to overcome his size in our end. He needs to bunk wit stetcher to learn a thing or two from him. He's quite good in his zone for a rookie.
  3. Oh and it might have just been me, but I think we were collapsing too far toward miller when Minnie was rushing our end.
  4. I watched this game in the flesh. Eddie was fighting the puck a bit. Sutter stetcher and horvat were the most noticeable on the ice. I felt a destinct lack of playing the body. I've seen more hits in a beer league game. Tryamkin needs to use that big body of his more. It seems odd, but I feel like some sandpaper could have been the difference in this one. Never thought I'd say this but I can't wait for dosett to get back.
  5. Heh thanks, I still catch $&!# for my unpredictable slapshot from my minor hockey days. Nobody in my beer league team wants to screen for me since e one of my mates scored a goal off his face from a snapshot that got away from me. "Why you complaining? You just scored"
  6. Tram felling 3 players on one shift with his shot. I bet the red sea parts if he stands on the beach with a bucket of pucks.
  7. Id dare to say Hutton + tram is a great combo. They compliment each other well.
  8. clean hit, ugly result. where was the heads-up from his partner?
  9. I have no problem with his comment and neither does my wife. I'll bet he learned a lesson about what's going to turn into a $&!#show when you are a pro athlete tho.
  10. yeah, maybe he could hold off on learning from this video tho. we cant afford that many boarding penalties.
  11. hutton guddy sbisa stetcher tramkin larson? not so bad with top d pair out.