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  1. I really like the flames, they have truculance AND pucknacity.
  2. I believe he has or had a summer home in the shuswap too.
  3. long live the kassquatch!
  4. Raymond, ballard, and the torts 2nd. Git ere done MG.
  5. I think if we can keep loosing our chances at 1rst OA are better than they were last year. If we can snatch a future #1 or #2 center, that would be tops. Vegas selects biega we land shattenkirk for a decent amount, trade one of hutton/stetcher/gudbranson for help up front. Virtanen has a monster off-season, comes into camp flying and injury free. Sign miller to 1 year extension 2-5-3m I think thats about as good as you can wish for with this group. if we stay injury free we have a fair chance at a playoff spot methinks.
  6. We need some defensive chops with hansen/burrows out and some offensive minded players in. this is a good pickup.
  7. Larsen isn't tenacious or smart enough to overcome his size in our end. He needs to bunk wit stetcher to learn a thing or two from him. He's quite good in his zone for a rookie.
  8. Oh and it might have just been me, but I think we were collapsing too far toward miller when Minnie was rushing our end.
  9. I watched this game in the flesh. Eddie was fighting the puck a bit. Sutter stetcher and horvat were the most noticeable on the ice. I felt a destinct lack of playing the body. I've seen more hits in a beer league game. Tryamkin needs to use that big body of his more. It seems odd, but I feel like some sandpaper could have been the difference in this one. Never thought I'd say this but I can't wait for dosett to get back.
  10. Heh thanks, I still catch $&!# for my unpredictable slapshot from my minor hockey days. Nobody in my beer league team wants to screen for me since e one of my mates scored a goal off his face from a snapshot that got away from me. "Why you complaining? You just scored"
  11. Tram felling 3 players on one shift with his shot. I bet the red sea parts if he stands on the beach with a bucket of pucks.
  12. Id dare to say Hutton + tram is a great combo. They compliment each other well.
  13. clean hit, ugly result. where was the heads-up from his partner?
  14. I have no problem with his comment and neither does my wife. I'll bet he learned a lesson about what's going to turn into a $&!#show when you are a pro athlete tho.