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  1. Tie in points...tie in row.. Didnt we win the season series?
  2. 25 seconds to go. 11 seconds in penalty
  3. Woah, bobrovsky is saving us
  4. link?
  5. Still has a game tomorrow too, I believe.
  6. Ovechkin pushing for 50. Just got 48 and 49.
  7. I think a lot of people will be disappointed come draft day. It's not 100% that we will draft in the top 3. Even in the bottom 3 of the league, or even last. At 30th, we have an 80% chance not to draft 1st overall, and then slightly under 80 % for 2nd, slightly under that, for 3rd. Unless I'm mistaken, losing guarantees nothing now.
  8. I had always wanted to travelling, but did not want to go alone. Finally, one of my friends decided to go. We set our flight for two months to Bangkok. It started off slower than I anticipated. But once it got going, I was absolute ly hooked. I extended my flight, which cost me a lot more money at the time. Didnt matter, I stayed another month. Now I'm hooked. ( Im 24 now ) The people you meet, the experiences you have are just indescribable. Even the bad times are now great stories and memories. Backpacking Asia is a great first backpacking hub. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. All are easily catered for backpackers if you want it that way. It can be insanely cheap. You can find 1000$ flights and cheaper (return). You can live on less than 1000 dollars a month if you need to. Any questions, feel free to message me
  9. Will there be highlights up soon?