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  1. Tie in points...tie in row.. Didnt we win the season series?
  2. 25 seconds to go. 11 seconds in penalty
  3. Woah, bobrovsky is saving us
  4. link?
  5. Still has a game tomorrow too, I believe.
  6. Ovechkin pushing for 50. Just got 48 and 49.
  7. I think a lot of people will be disappointed come draft day. It's not 100% that we will draft in the top 3. Even in the bottom 3 of the league, or even last. At 30th, we have an 80% chance not to draft 1st overall, and then slightly under 80 % for 2nd, slightly under that, for 3rd. Unless I'm mistaken, losing guarantees nothing now.
  8. Will there be highlights up soon?
  9. Wouldnt mind a link in a PM, thank you!