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  1. Official Pierre McGuire thread

  2. Travelling in Your 20's

    I had always wanted to travelling, but did not want to go alone. Finally, one of my friends decided to go. We set our flight for two months to Bangkok. It started off slower than I anticipated. But once it got going, I was absolute ly hooked. I extended my flight, which cost me a lot more money at the time. Didnt matter, I stayed another month. Now I'm hooked. ( Im 24 now ) The people you meet, the experiences you have are just indescribable. Even the bad times are now great stories and memories. Backpacking Asia is a great first backpacking hub. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. All are easily catered for backpackers if you want it that way. It can be insanely cheap. You can find 1000$ flights and cheaper (return). You can live on less than 1000 dollars a month if you need to. Any questions, feel free to message me
  3. I bet I could make him look silly, Id just take the body.
  4. [PGT] Canucks 5 - 2 Avalanche

    Holy. What a shot by Bonino. Kesler could never make that shot.
  5. How many games do you watch in one season in average?

    70ish usually. Im leaving for a couple months in the new year though. So not this year.
  6. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Will there be highlights up soon?
  7. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Wouldnt mind a link in a PM, thank you!
  8. [Speculation] Big Trade Coming Up?

    22 way trade?
  9. Rank your top 5 TV shows (within last couple years)

    Game of Thrones Breaking Bad Walking Dead True Detective Dont care
  10. GDT: Around the NHL Week of October (20-24) 2014

    Drouin has looked fantastic so far. What great vision and skating ability
  11. The Travel Thread

    Im headed to Thailand and maybe other surrounding countries in January
  12. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Love how hes not satisfied with being in the AHL. This guy has the commitment. Going to watch him closely.
  13. First Canucks game experience

    Canucks vs Colorado. Lost 5-0. classic. Got to meet Joe sakic after the game though. He played with my uncle when he was younger.
  14. Freaky bug experiences thread

    I clean up some of the low income BC housing places.. While I was doing a cleanout on a bachelor drug den. Where i pulled over 1000 needles.. At the end, all of the cockroaches gathered together in the bathroom, which i left for last. And when i pushed some stuff around, hundreds of them started climbing all of the walls and ceiling. I have a video