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  1. [Rumour] Nail Yakupov has interest signing with Canucks

    LOL he has more points than Boucher in 16 less games played this season. His PPG was 0.52 VS. Boucher's 0.26. He was scratched for a large period of that time too. He only has 37 games because he didn't fit in LA's structured and heavy body play since he was an undersized player. His AHL numbers with the Monarchs show he has high potential. 70pts and 69pts in his first 2 seasons respectively and 22 playoff pts and a playoff MVP title to go along with it. He also only played 37 games since he was a healthy scratch with the flyers because they didn't want to risk putting him on wavers. When he did finally play he had 11pts in this final 7 NHL games. His 5-on-5 NHL play with the Flyers was impressive: - Led the Flyers with 2.19 points per 60 mins - 3rd on the Flyers with 7.92 shots per 60 mins - Led the Flyers with 1.46 goals per 60 mins - Led the Flyers in shooting % with 18.42% - Led the Flyers with 55.96 percent Corsi-for rating Thats why.
  2. [Rumour] Nail Yakupov has interest signing with Canucks

    Weal runs laps around Boucher
  3. who do you have rated as your 3 to 5? agreed i'm not really buying all the cody glass hype.
  4. Let's get ENRON back together
  5. Dope cover songs thread

    Tribute to Nas's illmatic. Live band re-created all the beats to an absolute tee! Even DJ Premier was floored by the instrumentals:
  6. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

    I'll join in on the fun:
  7. Playoff Fantasy League

    Sportsnet has one: (no draft though)
  8. NEW Canucks Fantasy Hockey

    It's terrible already! Not a full roster selection and basically if you want players in both of the two games of the "contest period" you can only choose 3 forwards and 2 defensemen for each game... and you can't play the same player in both games. I didn't think it was possible to make canucks fantasy hockey worse than it was last year... I have been mistaken.
  9. Evander sig And mask part of the "Ev" behind his helmet/visor.
  10. NHL 15 Thread

    I haven't bought into the rumours of no EASHL thus far but this has me a bit worried: Box art from Costco's website XBone: PS4: Maybe EASHL will be released in an update later on? 2k is doing that with "crew mode" for their NBA game.
  11. NHL 15 Covers

    Awesome! I always print out and swap the cover on my game with someone from the Canucks! Looking forward to seeing your other ones!
  12. hey baby....

  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    There are 2 squads for development camp. First squad played yesterday with some rotations for the game today. Some notable players included Lazar, Perlini, Reinhart, Ritchie, Fleury, Morin, Nurse, Bennett, Ekblad.
  14. Bo Horvat Talk

    Horvat's playing on the 2nd line in the development camp game vs. Russia tonight @ 4pm. I think there is a free stream to watch the game here:
  15. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Interesting insight. At the beginning of the video when the runner came up and told Benning "I'll bring you whichever jersey you tell me to bring you" "We'll see what he does here, alright?" (Referring to the fact that NYI haven't picked yet). Interesting to see that Benning says "Virtanen" right away even though, at the time, Dal Colle was still a possible pick..