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  1. Kassian involved in early morning car wreck...

    As per this article he had a cut under his eye, on his nose, and behind his shoulder. He was also visibly confused.
  2. [PETITION] - Change Vancouver Canucks Jerseys

    Run Cake-Nuckle Puck, Run!!
  3. Horvat will start as 2C / Sutter as 3C

    I totally agree with this. In 6 years he'll be 32; a 32 year old is a young rental anyways!
  4. Horvat will start as 2C / Sutter as 3C

    I never said nor did I imply that the strategy for acquiring Sutter was to trade him at the deadline. I did, however, argue that increasing the value of a player in the last year of their contract is a sound strategy. Now that this year is not Sutter's last year, that strategy is not relevant.
  5. Horvat will start as 2C / Sutter as 3C

    The reason i thought we'd see sutter 2C was to boost his value for the deadline. Now that he's got 6 years left that's not a factor. Anything goes now.
  6. Both Vrbata and Hamhuis are traded at the deadline for reasonable returns. Canucks narrowly miss the playoffs. Vrbata trade gives room for Virtanen to get some playing time on the 3rd line, who doesnt totally light it up but plays well enough to be given a roster spot in 2016-17.
  7. Explain Your Reasoning

    How is Reshape the team logically removed from the rest of these answers? You cant contend for the cup if you tank like buffalo... but you can certainly reshape the team and tank like buffalo. Of course it has the most votes: regardless of what people actually think that answer will be correct; by replacing the players in a roster said roster is being reshaped. However, it was the most positive sounding options... It is worded like click bait. If those were the multiple choice answers on an exam I'd be pissed.
  8. Your kidding right?

    They gave up a goalie prospect, a first, and a dman... You literally just said that when you started this redundant thread. It would have taken our 23rd, markstrom, and a prospect good enough to match collin miller and make up the 10 pick difference between our pick and the given 13th OA. No thanks. What would we do with lucic anyways? It's gonna take more than him for this team to win a cup.
  9. Your kidding right?

    Im glad we didnt give up that much.
  10. Line-Up After the Trade Deadline

    implying we will ever have all of our roster players healthy at the same time.
  11. [PGT] Predators @ Canucks

    That was messy.
  12. Burrows to have phone hearing today.

    Throw in the cherry Dank Hank Vrbank Higgins Bonino Kassian Matthias Richardson Hansen Dorsett Hovat Vey