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  1. Time to get a Wii U... crazy exclusives. Not too sure if I should hold out until boxing day or not. Price is $279.99 at BB and FS. It went down to $250 at target in the states, maybe it will do the same for boxing day? Should I take it up for that 279.99 offer now?
  2. that rain though...
  3. Anyone here want to do VoG hardmode? GT is DDNdiesel.
  4. Anyone on Xbone wants to play together? GT is ddndiesel. looking for someone to help me with nightfall.
  5. Does anyone know how to get the content update on XBOX One? I missed the box that came up telling me how.
  6. So, this game is freezing on me like it's the end of the world. I'm now scared its going to ruin my ps3 HDD, because everytime I turn it off and turn it back on, this message would pop up saying Something along the lines of corrupted HDD and I must restore it. Anyone getting this or is it only me?
  7. Just go dungeon or cave exploring and bring a companion along. Pick up anything that is worth something and give it to the companion. Once you've had enough go somewhere and sell the items. Later on in the game you will have plenty of gold.
  8. IMO I don't see Nintendo winning this console war without having titles like call of duty's, uncharted's , battlefield 3's, halo's, gears of war's, assassin's creed's, and so on. It's games the game and the online community that overall decides how well a console sells. Nintendo needs a rig that will support those games and be on par with playstation and Xbox; Even more so with playstation 4 and Xbox 720 (or what ever it's called) just around the corner. If Nintendo can have the blockbuster titles like the call of duty's, the halo's, the heavy rain's, and so on, along with its already successful Mario's, donkey long's, Zelda's and so on. I feel it will be a huge success for Nintendo. Doing something like gives all he groups something I like about the system; for the young to the old. I'm hoping that the wii u will do that. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Master necromancers on master difficulty is a total pain... Dragons no problem, giants no problem, everything else no problem... Necromancers a huge fracking problem. Has anyone maxed their sneak with all perks on the skill tree for it? How awesome is it once you do?
  10. I just finished the quest where you have to kill , it than tels me to return and report to the jarl of riften and whiterun. I did it with the riften jarl but when I talk to the whiterun jarl, there is no dialogue option to finish that miscellaneous quest. Anyone else have that problem? Or it only me?
  11. Thanks. She's awesome, haha.

  12. Just finished the Mage quest at winterhold. My god, those quests dragged on forever. Fought witches for the first, they're very ugly... Nord level 33 warrior 101 smithing, 76 sneak, 58 heavy armour, 72 one hand
  13. Nice LIGHTS sig.