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  1. Whatever you do, cashing out RSP should be the absolutely LAST thing you should do. Talk to your banker or better yet, talk to a financial planner about your options. Maybe a consolidation loan of some sort secured by other assets you may have? An expert will help you with any options you may have.
  2. Hmmmmmm, I guess he's counting on our existing picks to draft the quality this team still needs. But I do understand the mentality of not wanting to become the pre-McJesus Oilers too. Jim Benning believes he can sell unrestricted free agent Ryan Miller on returning to the rebuilding Vancouver Canucks. The general manager’s tougher sell is convincing a polarized populace on the merits of a 37-year-old goaltender backstopping a team that’s years away from being an annual National Hockey League playoff participant. Especially with the 27-year-old Jacob Markstrom embarking on a three-year, $11 million US contract extension and pining to play more than 25 games next season. There would be numerous backup options and prize prospect Thatcher Demko gets another development season in the American Hockey League. Makes sense, right? However, the Canucks general manager rationalized his goaltending plan — and a reluctance to trade the coveted Chris Tanev or the aging Alex Edler — by playing the competitive card. Benning believes you can’t throw youth to the wolves and that competent goaltending and stability on the back end will ensure there’s a product worth watching next fall. That’s somewhat debatable. The approach can be considered a small rebuild because a bigger one would mean moving on from Miller, trading Tanev for a first-round pick and a prospect and seeing what Edler might fetch. But suggesting there’s an appetite for bolder moves also means more vulnerability on the ice and that hasn’t been lost on the hockey operations department. “As we’re transitioning these young players into our lineup, I feel that if we have solid goaltending on a night-to-night basis, we can be competitive,” Benning said Thursday during a break in the club’s pro-scouting meetings. “There’s no worse feeling than trying to develop young players and get them up and going when you know you don’t have a chance to win. Ryan and Jacob have a healthy relationship because they’re competitive and respect each other. “We have something to offer Ryan that he already knows. We’ve got some positives for him and if that’s the route we go, that’s why we’re doing it.” That route is offering Miller a better overall environment here than in Anaheim, Los Angeles or San Jose. He is comfortable in the room and the city, can challenge for the starting job and probably bag better money and suitable terms — even a year-to-year consideration at between $3-$4 million annually — than the Ducks, Kings and Sharks. Those clubs have designated starters in John Gibson, Jonathan Quick and Martin Jones respectively, but some uncertainty with durability, backup options and salary-cap concerns. The Ducks have $2.3 million in space and because Gibson, 23, has had a run of soft-tissue setbacks and inconsistent play — and Jonathan Bernier and Jhonas Enroth are UFAs — Miller’s name has been mentioned. But would Anaheim pay Miller more than its starter to be a backup? Doubtful. And because Quick has six more seasons at an annual $5.8 million hit, the available $10.8 million in cap space has to be split between three restricted free agents led by Tyler Toffoli, who had 47 goals the last two seasons and was a $3.25 million cap hit. In San Jose, much of the $14 million in cap space could be eaten up if the Sharks commit again to UFAs Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. And for Miller, it’s going to be about the money, the opportunity and familiarity. “I like that he played in Buffalo and Vancouver essentially, and had a stop in St. Louis (2014 trade deadline),” said Miller’s agent Mike Liut, who will talk contract with Benning at the NHL draft combine next week in Buffalo. “The bouncing around is something you have to do if you want to keep playing, but he (Miller) draws an association (with a city) and wears it with pride. That’s kind of lost today.” What isn’t lost on anybody is why so many general managers call Benning to ask about acquiring the 27-year-old Tanev. http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/ben-kuzma-rebuilding-canucks-wont-shop-miller-tanev-or-edler
  3. Better headline: Man vs Bear vs Pig.
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This should be in White Noise.
  5. The opening 1:50 of episode 1 of the Newsroom explains how to decide on the lead story.
  6. Playoffs as a whole. Was a beast in the face-off circle and shut down McJesus last round.
  7. The Ducks played their asses off, but the goaltending let them down. I actually feel bad for Kes and Juice. They could only do so much. It just goes to show that there's never any guarantee's when you ask to go to a team you think will help you get a Cup.
  8. Those of you questioning ball hockey as a way to keep in shape have never played it. I played beer league ball hockey hockey for many years in a gym in North Burnaby. With the starting and stopping and no whistles, it's a serious cardio workout and if you're not in shape, you're not playing much. As far as cardio goes, it was right there with competitive road cycling for me. Of course, it was a beer league so we always ended up at the North Burnaby Inn afterwards for beer and peelers.
  9. Deep Charlie horse caused blood clot maybe?
  10. Thanks for this Deb. Got a little misty reading this as I lost my mom four years ago.
  11. That had to be one of the worst written blogs I can remember. Archibald? Incorrect spelling. Incorrect facts. No Virtanen, Boeser, Dahlen, or Goldy...etc. But Archibald? It's funny it's so bad. But yeah, at least it's positive.
  12. Good, it's not just me then that thinks keeping Tanev is a good idea. He's just 27 and for d-men that's just entering their prime. He'll be playing for another 10 years so wouldn't it be nice that with all the young players we'll have up front that we have some stabilizing influences on the back end. Yes he's the biggest potential trade chip we have, and teams would go after him for the same reason I mention above. I don't want this team to become the Oilers of the last half dozen years with a bunch of skilled forwards and no defencemen. Let's just stay the course and draft well and build our top 9. Top pairing d-men are not as easy to find.
  13. Another CDC'er who has no patience for rebuilding the right way. How do I say this...Short cuts don't work. Go take a look at the recent history of offer sheets in the NHL then tell us why again you think it's easy to simply offer sheet a player. I'll help you. It's because it doesn't work and simply increases the cost of doing business for EVERY team in the league.
  14. This should be another shining example to those who constantly whine and complain about our team. The lesson is: IT'S NOT EASY TO WIN THE CUP. Washington is in a similar spot to where our team was 5 or 6 years ago. Very competitive, solid and deep team who's had a lot of regular season success over a number of years and who've traded prospects and picks to go all in on an attempt at the Cup, as they should, only to may not be able to achieve their main goal of winning a Cup. Does this sound familiar. Well it's what we've gone through, it's what the Caps are stairing at for now, and what the Kings, Sharks, and a few others are going through as well. The fact of the matter is that any team that's been built for longer term success and a legitimate shot at a Cup has sold off parts of its future in order to go all in while they have a shot. But eventually, that window gets smaller and smaller until there is no longer a window. As long as they have Ovie, the Caps will be competitive for another couple of years, but as with all good teams, they will eventually find themselves in the spot we're in today. I don't think they'll blow it up at all. As long as they have Ovie, Leonis owes it to Ovie to continue to stay competitive for a shot at Cup glory.
  15. The road to regular employment in the NHL is littered with highly talented prospects who had great junior careers but couldn't take the next step.