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  1. Dennis Kearns.
  2. This is not speculation. I guess your post in the Florida - Vancouver trade thread wasn't getting enough attention? Wonder why nobody here takes anything you post seriously or that you're a troll when you propose to trade two 36 year olds and maybe a second rounder to a young team who could be cup contenders this year or next for three of their best young players, who I might add have recently been signed long term. So ridiculous is your "proposal" that from your post below and this thread, one can only assume you're trying to out-clutch clutch.
  3. Oh, I hadn't heard that. So Leafs may be trying to get out from under that cap hit of $5MM for the next two years. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
  4. True. But is starts with Hockey USA and Dean Lombardi.
  5. Guess we can shut this thread down now with Lupul not passing his physical and possible done for the year.
  6. The Detroit model. The philosophy is that they learn the system and how to be a pro in the minor's so when ready they hit the ice and contribute right away. Unfortunately with the twins retiring in the next three years, we need to speed up this process, meaning some of these kids will have to learn on the job, possibly delaying their development longer term.
  7. Interpretive (you) language. All they've said Alf is that last year was indeed a development year and all about the rookies. What management have said is that their mistake was not communicating this properly to the vets on the team, which left players wondering which direction this team was actually going and left a few players a bit demoralized. In no way did they say or mean that it was a mistake that they made last year a development year.
  8. Of course it's early and I'm not stressed about it at all. It's something that's been discussed all summer so now when you start to see some possible line combo's, it's difficult to see how Virt plays in the top 9. Nothing more. As a matter of fact, I'd be more than happy to see Virt spend quality time with Green in Utica this year.
  9. Ossi, are you planning on updating this thread regularly today? I hope so. Then I can just keep it locked here all day at work.
  10. Looks like it doesn't it. With a potential second/third line of Burrows Sutter Rodin/Hansen and with a third line of Bearcheese Horvat and Rodin/Hansen, I'm having a hard time seeing where Virt might be plugged in. I'd rather see him go to Utica to get top six minutes than play on the fourth line here.
  11. Finally, a thread with substance. Please keep 'em coming!!! Thanks a bunch Ossi.
  12. Something invented a few years ago called the intra-webs that allows people to get info on anything under the sun. And you want CDC to tell you why they're royal. Right. Total troll thread. The op has done his job well.
  13. Time for you to get "Guardianed"!!!
  14. His legs are so muscular. I'm jealous at how thick with strength they are.