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  1. Thanks. Hope that's what happens.
  2. Can the Nucks send Goldy (or Boeser) after our season ends to Utica if they make the playoffs?
  3. Nice. Bring on the Browing and the Trench gun baby!! Hopefully they balance the weapons as well as they did in WaW.
  4. An o-lineman making 200 grand in the CFL is a luxury, so I sort of get where Wally is coming from with this move. Yet, I can't help but think about what an unstable o-line did to Lulay and hope the same thing doesn't happen to Jennings. Hopefully Foucault decides to come to the CFL as he and Brown could more than make up for the loss of Jovan.
  5. One more year??? Seriously, please stop.
  6. Do we really want Jake here next season as a third or fourth liner instead of playing top minutes and on the power play down in Utica or another year of learning his craft and maturing under Travis? IMO with the recent improvements he's shown in his game, another year in Utica will do wonders for him.
  7. Why do some people think that everyone and their dog who has a twitter account is a valid source for a rumour? Besides, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that the signing was going to happen pretty quickly after ND was eliminated.
  8. So silky smoooooooth.
  9. Was just thinking that this team doesn't travel enough now, so this is a fine plan.
  10. Sharks and Sens meet in the final, goes to overtime in game 7, and after 8 overtime periods the league calls the game and awards the Cup to both teams.
  11. Well done Jazz. This should be required reading (along with Robson's call) for all noob so-called fans who only joined the party in the lead-up to the 2011 run and who are calling for Trev's head as well. Only then will they understand what Trev means to this team, city and province. ps. Robson's call here (still get goosebumps):
  12. Came here expecting you to present your case for why you think we should hire hitch and why you think he'd be better at developing our kids? But nothing. I actually wonder if you really know anything about hitch's coaching style or reputation at all. This is just another fire WD thread in disguise.
  13. Shocking. Did not know any of this.