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  1. I'd rather play one of the kids than sign one of the Oilers sloppy seconds.
  2. If he can get to 185 lbs by the time he's 20, which I think would be reasonable, then hopefully he'll be ready to make to move here.
  3. Because big UFA's are how championship teams are built right?
  4. Off the board??? Bob Mckenzie had Pettersson at 7, Lind at 39 and Gadjovich at 46. We took them at 5, 33 and 55. Yeah, waaaaaay off the board.
  5. An Italian in goal. My world is in balance again.
  6. Interesting pick as I was set on Glass, but I'm excited. Also a bit concerned that while he and Dahlen were dynamite together at the Worlds, when they didn't play together he wasn't that good. Good luck to him and hope he pans out.
  7. The only ones that kind of expect it are the media hacks you keep believing that foster a self-perpetuating cycle of cynicism in this market. Will there be a new Gillis? With this owner, and this cynical market, probably.
  8. Bobby Mac has him at 16. Button has him at 10. So why take him at 5?
  9. Bobby Mack said that one of the 10 scouts he surveyed for his mock draft had Makar at #1.
  10. The only NHL jersey that has the name of the team city on it outside of the logo (a couple of team logo's have name in it). I hate the orca but hate the "Vancouver" on the front of the jersey even more.
  11. They still show Vancouver on there? So the new uni is the old uni. Bravo Canucks. Way to be bold.
  12. RIP Flounder!!
  13. Drouin goes from golfing after practice and walking downtown Tampa without being recognized to the fishbowl of Montreal. Hope he can handle it.