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  1. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    So "sources" suggesting the offer might be BearCheese plus our 7th pick and maybe someone else. I think JB would do that. I mean, aren't we wanting to draft a Hanafin anyway at 7 or lower? I think he has a high upside.
  2. Captain Bo or Typo?

    He doesn't know. Probably meant to say "FUTURE" team captain. They fired a lot of people down at the Province/ Sun the last year, including editors that are paid to pick up these mistakes.
  3. Can Benning nail the pick?

    I kind of stopped reading after this first sentence. Given that the 5th and 6th overall draft picks of Juolevi didn't make Finland's national team and how Virtanen is still very much a work in progress and considering that many players drafted after both of these guys are already making meaningful contributions to their teams this season and into the playoffs, these guys may well cost Benning his job in a couple of years. So trusting Benning to make the right picks is a bold statement and one I'm not yet ready to hang my hat on given none of these players (except Virtanen) are full time NHL players or have even played an NHL game.
  4. This from the episode where they were in Fry has worms, I think? One of my favorite episodes.
  5. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I can barely watch this team anymore. It's not the losses, but Robinson continues to show zero creativity with this team. Their brand of soccer is unwatchable. Bloody hell. Give up possession, defend, then once you get the ball, kick it up the field 30 yards to the one forward high only to usually give it back and defend once again. I'm so tired of that game. I thought Robbo needed to go last season not only for his lack of creativity in formations and style of play, but in his player recruitment. Seriously how long can this go on? This team will continue to be a middling team so long as this coach, GM and ownership group remain.
  6. Korean peace?

    This is unreal, but all moving too fast for my liking. I'm more cynical about what's going here. Does anyone really think that Un is going to denuclearize, sign a peace treaty, unify the two Korea's then stand hand in hand with other world leaders singing Kumbaya? I'm unsure what his end-game is here other than to have certain demands that he knows the USA wouldn't accept. He could then play the sympathy card with the international community to try and obtain breaks on sanctions. Much like the Iran deal, he probably figures he can get sanctions softened while still developing his nuclear programme. Regardless, I hope this all turns out for the best.
  7. Absolutely he would be on the list. I think the Flames would do well with him as coach.
  8. You've never played sports before, or at least physical contact sports before have you? There's stuff said on the ice or on a field every single day in the heat of battle. This is a non-issue and doesn't warrant a post let alone a thread.
  9. OMG, I came here thinking you were saying "Edler" abuse. Man, I need another covfefe.
  10. Guess what? Next year it'll different. And the following year it'll be different than next year and this year. Now if you show a larger sample size of at least 10 years, maybe your argument would have some merit.
  11. Phil and Tiger played a practice round together at Augusta yesterday. Never thought I'd see the day.

  12. Is this John Weisbrod at the Sedin draft/99?

    Yup, that's him.
  13. Final HNIC game for Sedins

    I'd rather have Tommy Larscheid in the booth one more time.
  14. Final HNIC game for Sedins

    Yup. It'll go straight to the Deleted Files folder.