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  1. Power Play...hmmm...needs more drop pass.
  2. Did I just hear the organist playing a tune from Legend of Zelda? Nice.
  3. Good morning Canuck Nation. How's the game so far. The crowd seems to be ooooing and awing on every little shot. Cool.
  4. Morning show on 650 is meh, otherwise I'm really liking the lineup the rest of the day. Especially Walker and Rintoul. Starting to really like the new station. They like to talk, well you know, about sports.
  5. Three seasons ago. With no defensive zone game at all. Done nothing since. But I guess he should be handed a roster spot? He needs to go down to Utica, learn to play 18 - 20 minutes every night, clean up his defensive game and score 20. That happens and there's no way he's not an injury call-up or doesn't start next season here. But until then, these types of threads try to create drama where none exists.
  6. I'm really liking the format at 650. Imagine, they actually talk sports.
  7. Call me when Goldy scores 20 in an AHL season and then doesn't make the big club. Until then, everything else is just noise...like this thread.
  8. This team has come together nicely. Good job boys.
  9. I didn't get a chance to watch the Barca/Juve game yesterday. Was Juve that bad or was Barca that good?
  10. That's exactly who came to mind tonight. Let's hope.
  11. Canuck players standing up for each other??? What is this? Bizarro World? I like what I'm seeing from guys like Carcone and MacEwan.
  12. And in the meantime, your next core gets to continue play and develop together in Utica playing 20 minutes per game and in all situations, including pp and pk. Nothing wrong with that imo. I've said it before, why do people continue to believe that 20 and 21 year old kids will just be able to step in to the lineup and carry this team? The Penguins rookies who helped carry them to their last two Cup wins were two 23 year olds and a 25 year old.
  13. Amen brother. I'd add I'd also like to see them not give a damn about whether the player is actually hurt or not.
  14. Best moustache in hockey. Good move.