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  1. Disappointed in the loss but proud of the boys given all the injuries they had to overcome in this game. Two bad throws cost us the game but honestly you can't pin this on Jennings.
  2. Exactly. Next thing that stands out is that the kids are 13 and 14. Most kids that age would find that toy hilarious, which apparently these kids did. So IMO, these grandparents are either opportunists or extremely naïve. Maybe they don't know that the 14-year old has probably already had sex and/or smoked a doob.
  3. Thank God we turfed Nonis!
  4. Good catch SID. I've been around long enough that I should know better than to not question pretty much anything he writes.
  5. No. Uncle Willie signed a 4-year deal.
  6. Has not signed yet but sounds like they're just haggling over the bonuses. There's also another option not being considered here, and that's going back to Europe for a year rather than playing in the OHL again. Maybe more interesting was Linden’s suggestion that the most likely landing spot for Juolevi this fall is playing back in the OHL. Vancouver, and Lehto, believe the prospect isn’t eligible for the AHL this season. But he could play in Europe and, for whatever the reasons, the Canucks haven’t yet openly said it’s an option, even though it’s something that is being considered strongly by the Juolevi camp. Lehto said teams in both the Swedish and Finnish elite leagues have contacted him inquiring about the possibility of Juolevi playing there. “All of the European teams see themselves as having a great development program,” Lehto said. “There is interest when they see a Finnish guy get drafted where he did and one who played really well at the U20 tournament, maybe the best defenceman in the tournament. “Wouldn’t you think that kind of guy is very attractive? But what I’ve said all along, (Juolevi’s) priority is to make the Vancouver Canucks.” That remains remotely possible. But if he doesn’t, wouldn’t there be more for Juolevi to gain playing in Europe against men in a high-quality league, rather than going to the OHL, where he’s accomplished about all he can accomplish, to play against a lot of teenagers? http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/why-olli-juolevi-still-hasnt-signed-with-the-canucks
  7. It's always been him. As team captain and head of the NHLPA, he's always talked a lot, but said very little.
  8. I see this morning that Espindola will not play here as he's being moved to a Liga MX team (not named). How could the Cap's management not known this could be a possibility? It was always going to be tough to find a temporary piece during the summer transfer period so don't be surprised if we go the rest of the season as is. January is when the Cap will have to get serious about signing a bonafide and proven striker. But I'm not holding my breath that this management and ownership group is willing to do that and I'm losing more and more confidence with the organization each day.
  9. LOL! Let's hope the next 268 years for the Canucks will be better than the last 268 years.
  10. Nice first thread. Now let me tell you about a kid named desi.....
  11. For creating a new thread on this topic, you get...
  12. Agreed, should be on the CDC emoticon list. Maybe instead of up-votes or down-votes, we can use poo. I'd imagine all sorts of poo being thrown around CDC.
  13. Lot's of words. Nothing there. Sums up Canucks Talk in the summer.
  14. So in other words...Burrows, do we really need him?