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  1. Giroux should not be and will not be an extra. He should be 2nd line center
  2. that would be a sick line
  3. Stamkos will be playing with Crosby on the top line. Crosby Giroux Toews Bergeron Would be my 4 centers...Sharp can play wing, and Tavares
  4. Brodeur, Ward, Fleury and Jarome feels weird but it makes sense why. I think if Lu starts and it will be his job to lose which is good. Has to keep playing well. Hamhuis should make it I think we have to many puck movers and offensive defensemen. Weber and Hamhuis would be my top shut down pair.
  5. if you would remember Lu has never let in 8 goals in a playoff game, he got pulled before it got to 8 lol....and it was 1 game
  6. LUUUUUU!!!! trade the no personality boring ginger
  7. thanks vintage
  8. could you make me one with this? Just want G written in some fancy font, n maybe some effects or something in the background part of the pic so its not so boring n cut out the fans
  9. what are rotating sigs?
  10. I have a feeling this guy is going to go down under just like Brunstrom and Gustavsson.
  11. You gotta give some to get. Hodgson awsome guy and deserves top center minutes and will benefit in Buffalo. We got the type of player we wanted and a player that fill a hole in our line up.
  12. The trade makes sense and will benefit both teams and Hodgson and Kassian. Hodgson was never going to grow here behind Kes and Hank as our top 2 centers and Cody is definately a number 1 or 2 center for sure. Now Hodgson will be just that and we get a big, youing physical guy plays like Lucic just like we all wanted. And got a d-man out of it. Not bad unless Kassian just does not play to his potential.
  13. how do i post my meme saved on my comp into my post?!!
  14. Your thread and and arguement is stupid just like you.