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  1. Giroux should not be and will not be an extra. He should be 2nd line center
  2. that would be a sick line
  3. Stamkos will be playing with Crosby on the top line. Crosby Giroux Toews Bergeron Would be my 4 centers...Sharp can play wing, and Tavares
  4. Brodeur, Ward, Fleury and Jarome feels weird but it makes sense why. I think if Lu starts and it will be his job to lose which is good. Has to keep playing well. Hamhuis should make it I think we have to many puck movers and offensive defensemen. Weber and Hamhuis would be my top shut down pair.
  5. if you would remember Lu has never let in 8 goals in a playoff game, he got pulled before it got to 8 lol....and it was 1 game
  6. LUUUUUU!!!! trade the no personality boring ginger
  7. thanks vintage
  8. could you make me one with this? Just want G written in some fancy font, n maybe some effects or something in the background part of the pic so its not so boring n cut out the fans
  9. what are rotating sigs?
  10. I have a feeling this guy is going to go down under just like Brunstrom and Gustavsson.
  11. how do i post my meme saved on my comp into my post?!!