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  1. i just realized bars are open again >__>

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      I'd buy you a beer but I don't think you're over 19.:P

  2. His 06 run with that Oilers team was pretty mint. Sad how that team really fell off a cliff after that and he just kept getting hurt
  3. Just trying to not go insane being stuck inside lol
  4. they are an "essential business" in those parts now, so yea, obviously the panthers pres is all on that
  5. i found out yesterday that one of my friends, who lives in toronto, tested positive for corona. i feel people don't knows how ****y this really is until someone you know and love gets it :x
  6. Hope everyone's safe and healthy uwu

  7. @StealthNuck may i have my shapeshifting lizard title back, please. i stepped down as president lol
  8. chris tanev is THE toughest son of a bitch in the NHL dont @ me