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  1. the guys you have listed, are doing as good of a job as biega is, and that's "just good enough"
  2. the canuck killer against against the slowest ****in guys on the team XD all cause willie wanted to play OT percentages
  3. he's been all right. as far as filling a role goes, but i wouldn't call him "unbelievable"
  4. i always saw the eriksson signing as just signing a guy with some kind of name value. he does some stuff for the team's defensive structure, but that's a large pay cheque for any other guy around the league we could get for like half the price
  5. there's no real hindsight here, tho. the past 2 seasons, daniel and henrik have shown that the league is passing them by, and they constantly try to employ tactics that once worked, but it doesn't anymore, not as first line guys. had daniel and henrik had somehow scored, under willies system, in the dying minutes of a game, it would be a rarity, and i think people here are starting to really realize the inevitable decline that's happeneing a first line, i see as guys who are a legitimate scoring threat. daniel and henrik sedin are not those guys anymore. they can still put up respectable points, but they're starting to show their age, in a league that's getting younger and smarter, where them dancing around and killing teams are a thing of the past, and when guys called them "sisters" was out of frustration, because no one could beat them, or throw them off their game, butyou don't see that much anymore, because they arent seen as threats anymore. every team around the league knows that this team is in a transition/rebuild/identity crisis/whatever you want to call it that its in
  6. when lyrics and music hit close to home
  7. agreed. this aint 6 years ago XD when you have elements that dont work anymore and relying on name value to win a game, you're gonna have a hard time
  8. its like that bill clinton scene in family guy-- vince will think fans want to see a bead of neck sweat reach their ass crack match XD
  9. i think the rumble this year will be one of the most unpredictable in years. it wont be a smackdown guy, because they have the elimination chamber. i really dont want to say reigns, because that is way too predictable, even for wwe at this point, and they dont want 60k+ booing the guy out of the building. it's gonna be a big one
  10. these are pretty bad. mine are more drug induced from when i was younger. i abused amphetamines and got hooked on heroin for a while, and sometimes took large doses of acid and mushrooms, and sometimes mixed xanax with alcohol, and as a result, i still suffer from paranoia spells and pretty intense panic attacks, like where i feel like everyone's out to get me, or i see 'ghosts' of dead friends, or have flashbacks of the times i went to hospital, or i'll wake up in sleep paralysis and have that feeling of being abducted by aliens or i have feelings that everyone close to me is suddenly going to leave it's a constant fight of paranoia and isolation, on top of childhood traumas, recent traumas, the stress of every day life, work, being physically abused, emotionally abused and the other, and trying to keep a straight face being in a friend group as a leader, because of my life experience and the way i can handle every day situations, because i've learned to use my bad life experiences to relate to others and the way i carry myself as a person, despite everything. i have pretty severe anxiety, but i'm high functioning and i can get the job done, but i don't hit it off with people right away, because i just have this belief of don't trust anybody, so i weed a lot of people out with as much **** trying to weigh me down, that's why i picked up playing bass as a therapeutic move, i also do aromatherapy and when i just feel like when its all too much, i have a close friend who goes through the same thing, because of recent traumas, and past traumas-- we're in the trenches together i've been told by people who never got close to me, see me as some kind of cynic and narcissist, and i won't exactly argue with them over that, but behind a smile, i'm wearing a frown i guess that's confession #833
  11. he'd be a good pick up for the comets, but that's about it
  12. some days are better than others

    1. Apples


      Especially when I'm in presence

    2. Heretic
    3. Cerridwen


      Some are diamonds, some are coal. Hope it turns out to be a diamond sort of day for you, TS :)

  13. only 2 games within the last 12? where the canucks allowed more than 3 goals