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  1. If we were to pick someone from waivers, would we only pay for half the salary? I'm not to smartened up about the business side of things, or did they change the rules, or was that never a thing lol
  2. all yall sleeping on schenn still cool, we're in a playoff spot rn, but who's to say that the team isn't banged up to hell come april, and he's taken by another team-- when we could use that big body when playoff hockey is slowed down and tight. thats where he'd be the biggest asset where youth and speed can only take you so far in the west. sure the blues won the cup with it, but they also had durability and toughness
  3. wasthere something about gallant as part of the hockey players mee too movement? if not, then that team is now a clown show
  4. very NHL to defend Tkachuk's reckless playing, by suspending the guy who had to take matters in to his own hands when Teemu ****ing Selanne calls out the DoPES, you done ****ed up
  5. Gonna go to downtown in a bit for some photos and some poutine. Hopefully the snow holds up :3

  6. Finally... The Bo HAS COME BACK! TO MINNESOTA.... Minnesota Wild... You played an exciting game! You played, awe, who is The Bo kidding, you guys absolutely suck! Now if The Bo's memory serves him correctly, it was Markstrom who threw your little monkey asses out of the arena! *Wild fans boo* Seeing that The Bo wasn't done speaking, you should know your role, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTHS IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE BO... whoa whoa whoa! this isn't sing along with The Bo! You can't boo The Bo then play sing along! A-HEH-HEH-EMMM! ... IS COOKIN!
  7. Whenever they showed him on camera my heart sank, and got that something in my throat feeling. like Parkinson's AND Cancer? That man is stronger than ill ever be
  8. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME IS TWILIGHT SPARKLE, AND I AM THE ADVOCATE FOR THE REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED CHAMPION, BROCK BOESER. Now let's get down to business, shall we? My client has authorized me to let you know a secret that I don't even think the NHL wants revealed tonight, which is, ladies and gentlemen, The Buffalo Sabres... are not here today. Aw, don't get me wrong. The Sabres would be here if The Sabres could be here, but The Sabres can't be here because The Buffalo Sabres can't physically appear, and that's all thanks to my client, BROOOOOCK BOESER!