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  1. i may or may not be back full time again. i've had some bad mental health days over the past few months that kept me from really doing anything i wanted, to the point where waking up in the morning to a complete void and nothing to fill it all day. i've mostly been active on twitter and haven't really kept up with hockey or the canucks at all. i'll watch some games here and there, when the team play against teams that are worth a damn turning on the TV for. honestly i just feel so empty and lost as a person where i'm in such a weird place that i don't know how to describe it. i've done a lot of friend cutting over the past year or two and have to make some big decisions for myself but then you cut the herd so thin that... not loneliness, but it feels like there's something missing. i'm a ****ing emotional mess and i really don't know how to express myself about it and it sucks
  2. Not to forget all of the times he disrespected Europeans, calling players who are going through substance abuse, because of the depression due to gross head trauma, pukes and sellouts, and having no respect for mental health, it's about time that hateful old man was taken off TV
  3. i know, secondary scoring sucks. it sucks having a guy who makes the entire team better and theres a reason why i'm not around here anymore
  4. I'm unretired but not on here much anymore :3 I'm mainly on canucks twitter on game nights!
  5. the fact all of alberta went blue, all but edmonton, just so they could pretty much buy their way in to office, just so they can stick it to BC, and the lunatic who ran the conservatives was pro pipeline, was enough to know what was going on. i was more saddened that people in BC voted for them, like, ok sure, let's take people's rights away, but we have to choose Trudeau because, let's face it, Canada isn't progressive enough to elect someone of colour, because there's still too many old farts who want a canada where people don't have rights, but hey, we can get some sweet BC pipeline money to line our pockets and up that pension money, but screw over families and children. great job, canada. let's not kid ourselves here
  6. #Wexit. how and why is this a thing and why does this country feel so divided
  7. my retirement lasted all but one month, but WTF HAPPENED

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      this election tho. like wtf

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce
    4. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      literally. like, we can't have nice things. i hate this. the only guy who isn't a total $&!#head had a poor showing because he isn't an old white guy smh

  8. where you at my CDC freind?

    1. TNucks1


      yeah, nevermind, read twlights old post, well take it

       easy sprakle.

      PS - gunna be Sad not having your input on the GDT and PGT

    2. SabreFan1


      Find him on the other boards he frequents and drop him a PM/DM.

  9. Hello everyone. I don't wanna start a thread, because I feel im not worth the read, so i'll leave it here. To be honest, I'm not feeling being on CDC anymore. I've had a lot of fun over the years, got banned once upon a time, and I thank Stealth for letting me back in with you guys, 3 years later, and giving me a second chance.


    I've grown up a lot over the years from when I first started posting to now. I've shared a lot of my pain, heartbreak and triumph over the years, to even sharing my stupid ugly face a couple of times, and I thank all of you for hearing me out, and allowing me to be an outlet when I felt I had no one to turn to, but I'm at a crossroads if I want to move on from CDC. I'll always be a Canucks fan first, but other sites (not reddit, not HF) are taking up most of my time, and I simply don't have the motivation to sign on here anymore.


    I'm not too great with words, but if anyone wants to keep in touch with me, i'm heavily active on twitter @Milahvee if you need a sig, wanna talk canucks or just need someone to talk to, don't be shy :3


    i'll catch y'all down the road~

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    2. TNucks1


      f*ck, was out and about when this came...ugh, later fellow canuck fan and fellow CDC regular... :sadno: :canucks: , well you and your wife have a time and a half, gunna miss you...



    3. TNucks1
    4. Alflives


      Well this sucks.  Selfish TS choosing a happy life in the real world over us.  Go figure. 

  10. RVD back on impact sonim sure we'll see RVD make an appearence for AEW, unless impact has a secret working agreement with WWE for him since RVD was part of the RAW reunion