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  1. tbh just being with someone isn't the end all be all. you can look around and see people getting married and being happy with someone, and you being like, man I want a piece of that, but for the majority of my life, I was alone. Growing up in and out of foster homes for the majority of my childhood, because my mom valued liquor and pills over her kids, I learned real fast that I'm just better off alone. it didn't help that being in these foster homes, that i witnessed some pretty bad stuff happening to my sister at the time, so that stuck with me and I just never trusted anyone. looking back at my early life experiences, I was better off not trusting anyone. I've had some of those thoughts throughout hs, and after, man life is going kinda ok, and i kinda wanna be like everyone else and be one of those dicks who share on social media with my partner of how validated i am. i can be that now, but I choose not to, because that's not who i am. I don't want to parade my personal life on social media for reasons that dont have something to do with some kind of mental health awareness and with that, i have a wedding, like, tomorrow, and i'm just recently bringing it up, because how can anyone not be hyped about a wedding, especially between people who met on CDC-- that's a tradition here. with that being said, if i had a dime for everyone who asked me "oH YoUr GeTtInG cLoSe, R U nErVoUs?" i might have enough to afford a honeymoon. like, frig off, no im not nervous. im not giving you the answer that you want, i'm shutting that down
  2. how twilight prepares for a wedding~ i have plushies!
  3. i wouldn't trade a moldy hot dog for PK subban. that guy's the definition of overrated. his only storyline has always been "look at that suit he's wearing! wow! he's so different!"
  4. Headed to the island for the weekend! 

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      Congrats TS!! 

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      thats wonderful. I wish you all the happy. 

  5. Gone too soon grumpy cat ;~; but I love this LOL