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  1. went to fan expo last week and did craig from south park lol
  2. also, idk if anyone else caught the post game, but the HNIC panel was quick to dismiss this win because the bruins played back to back, but we never got mentioned when we played back to back games this year and won, it was always, "this was a game THE OTHER TEAM COULD HAVE WON" and the panel sold this game as, the bruins are gonna kill the Canucks, cause they've won x out of x, the Canucks have a tall task ahead of them" but we win 9-3? Oh the Bruins were tired.
  3. anyone watching toffili's after hours? seems like such a down to earth kinda guy
  4. finally... THE BO HAS COME BACK! TO VANCOOOOOUVER! Charlie Coyle, you come out here, you interrupt The Bo, you run your mouth, I thought you were gonna say, hey man, nice to meet you, like my belt? or somethin like that, so I must agree, 18,000 of The Bo's hometown fans, calling you, are ARE an asshole! The Bo remembers! The Bo remembers the last time you guys came in, you beat us, 1-2-3! but I also remember we came out today, and whooped your ass! Oh, but it goes way back! Your big fat ass grand mami, your mami, they all complained, The Bo's grand momma, The Bo's momma came in and slapped the lips off two of them bitches! Jake DeBrusk, The Bo remembers you! Yea, way back as kids! I remember your old man coming up, saying, "Hey Bo, want you to meet my son." The Bo remembers you picking your nose and wiping it on your shirt! You playing with my pretty, my little pony! Your old man saying, "hey Bo, don't laugh, my son's going to be great one day." and I said, "Mr. DeBrusk" - I called him mister, because I respected him, "Mr. DeBrusk, one day i'm going to whip your sons ass" I've got a better idea, how about The Bo whip your ass right here live! IF YOU SMEEEEEELLLLLL! WHAT THE BO IS COOKIN!
  5. best part was the hnic panel losing they ****. they prolly gonna be calling the nhl to change the rules on emergency call ups by the way they were ranting lol
  6. tbh i havent posted on here in forever and missed the meltdown for the trade but im okay with it