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  1. he had a good career for himself. always played hard and did what it took to win, and won the stanley cup, TWICE, before we LOL at Hutton wiping him out for rep points
  2. hes being groomed by papa chara. the bruins arent letting him go
  3. letting hutton walk would be such a canucks thing to do

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    2. Hutton Wink

      Hutton Wink

      So letting ELITE FORWARDS walk is a "NYI thing" then?  And a "Columbus thing"?  What about letting Bobvrosky walk?  Is Hutton better than Myers or Gardiner, and if not, why did those teams "let" better dmen walk, are those "Leaf and Jet things"?  No other teams let players, let alone bottom-4 defencemen, walk away?  So they shouldn't let Pouliot walk either, that's just "a Canuck thing"?  If they can't move or trade them, they MUST resign them all?  They cannot use the money they save to sign different dmen, or there are none out there better than Hutton and Pouliot?

      And again, where do UFAs come from in the first place?  The Canucks are the only team that do it?  Do you not understand contract limits?

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Yes, Hutton is better than Gardiner.

    4. Hutton Wink

      Hutton Wink

      Haha, I imagine you'd say almost all D are... how about Pouliot? ;)

  4. I've got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6000 to bail out a couple of **** puppets

    1. coastal.view


      you forgot to mention rent

      i hope you are not having to live under a bridge or in a tent in a back alley somewhere

    2. brilac


      Wow, you have $1400 for liquor?  What do you buy?  I could buy some really fancy champagne with that!

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Nectar of the DEVILLLL!!!!