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  1. YOU WANNA BALLOON, GEORGIE?! but... balloons are banned /end movie xD
  2. "Are you blind!?" It's fitting that the brain join gorilla in the commentators table in the sky
  3. bobby heenan died T__T
  4. we cant even win a fight T__T
  5. i know its pre season and all but man, bachman is a sieve xD
  6. >if its in pre season, it didn't happen NHL logic
  7. that's how i am too. i dont do well in meeting new people because the new people i meet have their own little cliques so i just shut down and fade in to the back ground. i often overcompensate by using humour as a defense mechanism for my poor social skills, mostly due to circumstances of how i was raised, my experiences in school, drugs, everything. i see myself as a complex person, and you hear it often with "no one understands me" but with what i've gone through, it's so much more than "oh i'm being treated unfairly, i hate the world, and no one gets me", when mental illness is a pretty serious issue in my family, but mostly in my mom and sister, who both have bi-polar and PTSD issues and multiple anxiety disorders, and i'm similar to them in many ways (minus the bi-polar because i wasnt diagnosed with that) but i'm also very paranoid and i just feel like an outcast everywhere i go even tho AJ's core friend group accepted me, i don't relate to any of them, at all, and some of their "problems" just seem so trivial to me, and when i offer some kind of advice, i always get "oh, i know that already" well, i guess my work here is done
  8. eat. sleep. score. repeat. the beast incarnate BROCK BOESER
  9. i like how del zotto isnt afraid to get his hands a little dirty
  10. what happened to us being like, pretty good .__.
  11. hey ref, whats going on out there? ref: "i have no idea lol"
  12. uh, no. i'm going to the liquor store XD