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  1. ....Wayne also supported Bush... “All I can say is the president of the United States is a great leader. I happen to think he’s a wonderful man and if he believes what he’s doing is right, I back him 100 per cent.”
  2. i think the nhl pays some players to go out and poach so they get some attention in the media... hockey season is nigh! poachers are bad.
  3. they are pacing themselves
  4. Make beer 1/2 price and they will get louder fans
  5. canucks will win
  6. Can Lack put Bublé on the back of his mask?
  7. Kassian is like the kid at school that gets picked on... he really has no business playing the tough guy roll - tooth or no tooth.
  8. want hamhuis back - and sami
  9. bring back Salo!
  10. hot stove now cold table.. ugh. watching a bunch of glum millionaires, wow fun.
  11. i hope the canucks are ready to play!! the brother battle will be fun :D
  12. Can someone please tell dave randorf to stop chatting and just call the game. hate the chatting.
  13. "However, the biggest concern is the tailings themselves, as they are now plastered all over the landscape and within the floodplain of Hazelton Creek (and in the headwaters of the Fraser River). The tailings are a "physical" contaminant because they smother and fill in gravels that fish use to spawn in. They also render the habitat unusable for the fish's food-- "macroinvertebrates" (e.g., mayfly & caddis-fly larvae). But tailings biggest issue is that that's where all the metals are (not in the water). In-stream organisms are highly exposed to the tailings-- they live in it (if they can) and eat it along with their food (if they can find it). Animals that feed on the macroinvertebrates then get a dose of tailings with every one they eat (bioaccumulation). This process gets shut-down somewhat if the tailings contamination (physical and/or toxicological) is so bad that there is no food resource left in the river. Then there's no fish (and other wildlife- birds and mammals) in the river, either-- you've just got a dead river. So, while water quality will improve and the drinking water resource will recover once the tailings settle out and drinking water is treated, the habitat loss and damage to the fishery and wildlife will take a much much longer time to recover, even with the most aggressive of remediation ("cleanup") efforts." Christi Line
  14. i just read somewhere that an owner of the flames is a big investor in polley mines. This disaster could have been avoided but that mine got greedy, they did not want to spend the money needed to reinforce the wall. I understand that we need mining to exist, but I do not understand why they can't also protect our food and water sources while they do it. Yes we need our metal cars... but we also need food. Without control on industry they would gladly dump and kill all our waterways, kill off all the bees so that nothing can grow etc etc. If you don't care about eating and drinking then yah for sure let 'em have at er.
  15. strange view - you sound like that weirdo kid that went on the jealous rampage.