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  1. SCF: (5) New York Rangers vs (6) Los Angeles Kings

    strange view - you sound like that weirdo kid that went on the jealous rampage.
  2. Man i wish Weise had called him on how lucic is a poor sport instead of saying he thinks what is said on ice should stay on the ice.. lucic the tacky low class poor sport.
  3. PDF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    Teemu, can't believe how long I've watched you, and you've always been amazing.
  4. PDF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    hoping teemu can at least get a goal...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUMHBW1Gm8k&app=desktop i like how the next guy in line still shakes his hand lol - surreal.
  6. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    Don Cherry, he is such a fake patriot
  7. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    I know it may sound overboard... but i think the guy should get a game. Kids don't do that! Don Cherry, what you gonna say about your coveted bruins now???
  8. Tortorella: Canucks Are Getting Old

    I find it interesting how people don't see/hear Tort's double speak. He says it's his fault then blames other stuff. calls a guy an *sshole then says he was just kidding... he bugs me to no end.
  9. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    i think we deserve a number 1 - the fans should demand canucks LOSE and LOSE BIG
  10. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    i thought it was an entertaining game... at least there was some scoring
  11. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    Fans should all be happy now! Those who wanted Schneider gone got their wish! and those who wanted Luongo gone go their wish! so technically everyone should be happy.
  12. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    Gillis is getting close to completely dismantling what burke and nonis built.
  13. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    so is this happening now because aquaman could not afford to let Lu go last year? if yes, then we need a richer owner :-)
  14. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    When they fired Nonis years ago, i came on the cdc and was so upset, everyone thought i was a cry baby. I just don't "get" Gillis. I know these guys might be good prospects, but trading real talent for potential talent is risky. le sigh.