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  1. I feel like people give way too much weight to shooting ability. Snipes are obviously exciting to see so I can see what people get worked up about. But if you watch junior highlights of top prospects they do the exact same thing that Laine is doing but most can't replicate that at the NHL level. McCann and Virtanen were known for their wicked shots but the effectiveness goes way down in the NHL. All it takes is a good power play set up to tee up shots like you see Laine do. Even our good PP set up turned Kesler into a 40 goal scorer. I watch Puljujarvi and I see him doing so much more around the ice while still scoring some nice goals. I'm not seeing how Laine could knock Matthews out of number 1 or even go ahead of Puljujarvi. Not saying Laine will be bad but I think it's more likely he doesn't live up to the hype.
  2. Great to hear a players perspective on the matter. You should never have a reason to cheer against your team. The issue with Shane's idea of having a competition for the first overall is that some team might not know if they are mathematically eliminated until the very last game. This is definitely the method that would get the most out of the bottom feeders I just can't think of a solution to that issue.
  3. I saw that head fake on Hossa too. Shows a lot of confidence and that he knows how to take advantage of his size without even having to take the body. So much raw talent, hope it all comes together for him.
  4. Nothing in you're post supports your claim that he'll be a bust. You brought up his size which happens to be pretty good. Crosby Height 5.11 -- Weight 200 MacKinnon Height 6.00 -- Weight 195 Hopkins Height 6.00 -- Weight 189 Hall Height 6.01 -- Weight 201 Matthews Height 6.02 -- Weight 194 You say he is a center and is hyped like Stefan but isn't every first overall pick? I don't even see that much Matthews hype because he's playing outside of the North American spotlight. All I see is a bunch of maybes which you can say about ANY draft pick. Matthews has a proven track record anywhere he has played. Your feeling is just a feeling.
  5. Stay silent Sam. Can't wait to see what Tryamkin can do against AHL and NHL competition. So difficult to gauge players in the KHL.
  6. I can't believe my eyes. It looks so intentional but I can`t see why he would do something like that. The play is coming right towards them but the linesman is not even coming in that fast, what is the need for pushing so hard into his back. He can`t even say he didn`t see him he`s looking right at him.
  7. Had the Anaheim feed on for a bit there was so much misinformation by the commentator. The guy obviously didn't land the job because he's a fan of hockey. Some of the stuff that was said: -Daniel Sedin having the captaincy -Markstrom has been around the league but appears to have found a home -Millers contract being up at the end of the season
  8. Didn't feel as close as it was with Anaheim's puck possession. Glad we got 2 points. Good showing from everyone considering the opponent. Sedins seem to making a concious effort to move the puck more quickly this year with the 1 touch passes. It looks like its given them some new life, defenders can't seem to stop them.
  9. Subban picking up where he left off last game, very impressed. Shinkaruk looking much more active today. Dominated during that powerplay.
  10. You're more excited about what Grenier might be capable of over Sven? If you watch the Comets games Sven is easily more dominating. (not taking anything away from Grenier he's playing great) Sven might be small by some peoples standards but watching his board battles and ability to steal the puck from bigger players you should be very excited. I don't know if he always played like this but if its something he mastered this year he's got a good NHL career ahead of him.
  11. Today's 4th line is too weak for the playoffs. Dorsett, Vey, and Matthias need to play with guys that can carry a line. Vey isn't showing that he can be an effective center at this level right now. I understand he is young but we are not in a position have him learn the role with the big club anymore. We didn't expect our team to be where they are at the beginning of the season so at the time it made sense for him to be up in the NHL. Hopefully Richardson can come back and Vey can strictly become the extra forward. He might even show some fire when he does get the opportunity to slot in.
  12. This statement is so true.
  13. Whether you like it or not, Bennett is that good. Any team could use a him. Calgary isn't very star studded so a player can easily be taken out to bring him in.
  14. No doubt. Calgary is a tough team though, not a group people take liberties with. He's going to have to use his awareness to avoid putting himself in bad positions.