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  1. I do not disagree with this comment and if that is what JB wants to do and the result is positive, I am all for it! If however, JB is not in favor of it, and if the return is solid I am not against moving him...……... As I am not against moving anyone "IF" the return is positive.
  2. I totally agree with you Provost My biggest problem is that CDC does not share that feeling.....never wanting to move players for the betterment of the franchise. When you look at our roster and prospects, "IF" everything went well, we could have many positions that are flush, and to suggest moving someone will get a reaction. Our players are always too good, or too loyal, or too devoted to move......yet Tampa moved TJ Miller, who comes in here and plays as a 1st line player. No doubt they would have liked to keep him, but they moved on anyways...…. Look at our depth at RW...…...Toffoli, Boeser, Virtanen, and Podkolzin could all be 1st or 2nd line RW, then you look at MacEwen and Lind who if they hit their ceiling could certainly 2nd or 3rd line RWers. Now to suggest that if a good trade came up, and we moved one to fill in another hole, and the whole world comes to an end...…….. Today, I look at our defense and wonder, what if our prospects all hit their ceilings, and usually the answer from CDC is that it would never happen. Just like if it was suggested that before hand that we would have 3 Calder finalists in 3 years......yet here we are! To suggest 4 in 5 years and I would have been laughed out of the rink. Yet there is a great possibility that that could happen, and that is not even thinking that we have a long shot of that happening next year as well, if Hoglander or Rathbone sign or play up...……….my point is who knows? Yet, even when proven, the CDC brain trust will crap all over the idea...…. Fast forward to our lack of depth at RHD, and there is a possibility that it could happen there as well. Yet, CDC will say with certainty that Tryamkin will never be more that a 3 pairing Dman, with very little consideration that Rafferty "could" continue to progress, or that Woo may grow into a very solid 2nd pairing RHDman.. Again, look at our RW a few years ago, and the same thing could happen. Our LHD, would really take off if both Rathbone, who has a PNHLe projection of 1st pairing, and Juolevi who is projected to a 2nd line LHDman. Imagine having 3 Dman with 2nd Pairing or better, all below the age of 23! Not to mention my favorite dark horse Brisebois, who I feel may surprise a lot of people. My point is that we are young and we have a lot of potential to hit some very unrealilistic highs with our heights.in a lot of positions. IMO, LW is now our weakest position long term, and if Benning felt that moving a RW to fill in a LW spot, I am all for it., and quite frankly, it make sense to, as "IF" all our players did hit their ceilings....we could not afford them all, so we would have to have a continual flow of prospects in all positions. This is a long winded way of saying that "IF" Benning felt in his opinion that we could move Boeser for a young blue chip prospect, that is ELC controlled in addition to other solid pieces, it would not be crazy. The same "could" be said for Virtanen. Both of which, if you look at them in our collective are valuable players. PS...……….I have always thought that our "real" time begins in the 2021 -2022 season, and that right now is only prepping for then.
  3. Let's look at this a different way Jake > Kotkaniemi Kole > Ylonen OLi < Brook
  4. Jake Virtanen + Oli Juolevi + Kole Lind for Jesperi Kotkaneimi + Josh Brooks + Jesse Ylonen OK, this trade is Subject on 2 things #1. Jack Rathbone signing #2. Tyler Toffoli signing Our RW's are Toffoli, Boeser, Podkolzin, and MacEwen I think this makes us a more rounded team with prospects in all positions...……. Jake Virtanen = Josh Brook Oli Juolevi = Jesperi Kotkaneimi Kole Lind > Jessi Ylonen
  5. Just another comment on debt. We were a poor family, and had a poor view of post grad education. Mostly we were jealous and never had the understanding of what education could bring. So we had no understanding of educational debt. Now, Mortgage debt, I totally got, and had from 27 years of age. Too bad, I donated a large part of it to ex's. LOL But life goes on! And don't look back, unless it is to learn from your mistakes.
  6. Hi KHF Don't get me wrong.....my comments are not just for Millenials…...lots of other people (including myself) spend money frivolously. Lots of young people are very driven and I have a lot of respect for.... I am 62, when I started working I made 4.50 per hour, my first full time job was $750.00 per month before taxes. But, I lived in Nanaimo, which is a total different beast than Vancouver. House prices are almost double over there. But the money is better over there, and groceries are cheaper. In saying all that, we all decide where we live, for the most part, so I should not complain. I just think everyone should tighten their budget when needed. Which includes old guys like me. My RRSP stocks have fallen big time, and that made me cut back on what I take out monthly by the same % as my stocks went down. What will help in the end, and I am not spending as much right now, so I have no reason to complain right now. I should add that I have not see anything in regards to that, and a lot of older people, might need some help in this regard, later on. But strangely, I do not hear too many complaining. Don't get me wrong, again. I am on your side, and understand what you meant. I actually am elated by your comments, as it seems you have a very good grasp on reality, and you will not have any suprises. Iwish you and your family well. Good Point on the comments!
  7. I get your point......but I preach patience here Let us see what Juolevi, Rathbone, Tryamkin and Rafferty can give us, first I honestly think that we may have all that in out own system, one year away, so there is no reason to go out and force the issue, as all our potential answers to your concern are somewhat cost controlled for the first 3 years.... Where as, any traded player that you need, will probably be in their 2nd or 3rd contract and costing substantially more...... Give Benning one more year.....lets see what he has done, first.
  8. Reading every day about social distancing, and cleaning and such, it occurs to me that what this pandemic may do it reduce our yearly sick count on seasonal flu, by teaching better habits. One would also hope it, teaches us to take better control of our financing. These are things that our elder generation learned back in the day, that has fallen to the way side...…………...
  9. I don't know Stawns I did not vote for NDP and I actually appreciate the none political way Horgan is actually doing it. IMO, and that may change, but I think Dix and Henry are doing a great job or preparing us on a daily basis. It actually bothers me a lot, when I see politicians out making speeches, that are more political and very little substance. I have been hit fairly hard on my RRSP's and have reduced my spending considerably for the time being, and trying to control the bleeding a little. I hold myself accountable to some extent, and will wait until the government has had a chance to deal with all the problems and back log. What I do get more annoyed about is those people that after the very first month have been crying about needing help. I have no problem with the government helping those that actually need it. But first they should reduce their cable plan, go down to one phone per family, stop buying lattes, cigarettes, booze and stop eating fast foods and steak. What I mean about this comment, is that far too many people are spending their salaries on none essential items, It is like the self distancing, controlled spending, etc. People need to be responsible for their selves first, Then if they are having problems, then ask for help. I, personally, do not need my Premier coming on TV to tell me that.
  10. They found a set of men's runners in the pen too!
  11. Any one seen Alf today?

    1. goog16


      I think this was him at the local Costco...


  12. Well as a Canuck fan,,,since we seen did not see the playoffs...……... I would argue, my way is better
  13. Agreed, but as you say there is no certainty that the percentage you have at game 69 is the same percentage you would have had at game 82 And more than likely it wouldn't So when picks are involved, it is important to get it as right as you can
  14. I get that, but some schedules have teams playing a lot of weak teams at the end of the season and some playing tough teams My way actually is farer, especially for all teams