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  1. You obviously have not looked at Toronto's
  2. I am aware of Clarkson's insurance policy, and his actual cost But teams are not going to help each other with cap problems and teams still have to be at 23 players and 81.5 M at the start of the season As for Eriksson, your answer is that it is why he is still here, teams with already high cap do not want to take on that cap long term Clarkson is a 1 year cap hit...…. Offering Madden, who I feel is a good prospect, and worth Vegas's attention, is a way to get Vegas to move Miller In the end, the Canucks achieve their desired goal of adding a decent RHD, and in a year will have him at a great cap hit The late second is the difference in the swap...….. Just thought it worth a try.....
  3. I think Benning needs to go after Colin Miller, he just fits in contract wise long term A much better move than going after Myers (Cheaper and no conditions) Colin Miller + Clarkson + 2020 - 2nd (9M) for Madden Madden is a good prospect and I don't think Vegas gets a better offer It fixes Vegas problems immediately Clarkson's contract is gone in a year, and we have enough solid forward prospects Miller can be moved in 2 1/2 years if needed (no NTC's) Big difference!
  4. Well, I have personally have not tried to trade them either, but I just have a lot of difficulty understanding how our assets have no value, when we are talking that we will be a playoff team next year. That statement simply does not make sense, as playoff teams have depth, which I think we have, and yet Benning comments he can not make a trade with his assets...…... Something smells wrong on that front...…..Miller in Vegas is an example of that. he is on their 2nd pairing, and they are over cap, yet we can not make a deal? I am just a little confused on this front, I guess....I guess we will see what happens
  5. Thinking about our Defense short term and long term, is directly linked to our forward assets, IMO Here is what I mean...….. We have Podkolzin, Madden, Hoglander, McEwen, Lockwood, Lind, Karlsson, Gaudette, and then secondary peaces and on defense We have Woo, Juolevi, Tryamkin, Brisebois, and Saunter We also have more than a few, secondary pieces on the big club......Baertschi, Sutter, Virtanen, Leivo have some value and IMO are expendable As well as Hutton to some degree...…………...and DiPietro in goal As well we still at this point have excess cap, and could have more if needed, by putting players in Utica, and buyouts So out of all these players mentioned above, there is only a handful of players, and cap, that should be untouchable...……. The bolded players are the only ones, that should be hands off, and kept, all others should be considered for trade to up grade our defense...…..It is up to Benning to make it happen...….. I ask you this...…..can we get an up grade on RHD with the remaining players and cap...………..I would be confused if we could not. McEwen, Karlsson, Gaudette, Lockwood, Lind, Brisebois, Saunter, Virtanen, Leivo, Hutton, Sutter, Baertschi and DiPietro, plus excess cap, I see no reason this can not bring in a RHD and it may still happen, that Benning does something, other than UFA, I just do not see the difficulty...….especially with both our 2020, and 2021 2nds also in play. Maybe it happens later in the summer, but again I just do not see the problem.
  6. Yes, I used to chew that stuff, can't really call it gum...…. I was more like valve cover gasket ( no, I never chewed on valve cover gasket)
  7. Is the defense posted above, good enough to loose Tanev and Hutton? Especially, when Woo is still in junior and Tryamkin is unknown at this point
  8. My confusion and concern about the Canuck defense is this. Let's say we sign one of Myers/Stralman and Schenn, as well as re-sign Hutton then we have...…. Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Hutton Stecher Juolevi Schenn Saunter Biega Brisebois Is that enough to be considered a playoff defense? I do not think so, and then we talk about moving out Tanev and Hutton, which will only make it weaker...... Should we be concerned?
  9. That is a good question...……. I have not the foggiest idea Maybe they surprise
  10. This is what I am looking at right now, and am wondering about...………..love to hear your thoughts on the subject...……... Currently Signed Defense Edler Tanev Hughes Stecher Juolevi Biega Sautner Woo - (2 years away minimum) Brisebois RFA's Un-signed Hutton Tryamkin - (1 year away minimum) Targets - RHD Defensemen Colin Miller 3 yrs @ $3,875,000 Cost...……..Taking David Clarkson's contract ($5,250,000) Tyler Myers 5 yrs @ $6,000,000 Cost...……...UFA signing...…...term Luke Schenn 2 yrs @ $1,000,000 Cost...……..UFA signing...……nothing Anton Stralman 2 yrs @ $4,000,000 Cost...……...UFA signing...…...term? In my opinion, we re-sign Hutton on the left side, re-sign Schenn on the right, and go get Colin Miller or sign Myers, and that is about all you can do this year, until possibly the TDL, when you can look at moving both Hutton and Tanev out if so desired...…….. To me that is the most logical and economical moves Benning can do, as Juolevi should be ready by Christmas to start in Vancouver (Fingers crossed) and Tryamkin can be brought over at the end of his season. If we make any more moves other than that is will end up handcuffing us in a couple of years And signing Gardiner, as some has suggested does not fix our RHD problem and does not improve our LHD significantly. Let's spend our money wisely!
  11. Just thought, I would post the depth chart, and invite you to comment. I have some pretty strong views on this, but with Benning and Aqualini stating they are ready for the playoffs it changes somewhat, who is moved and who is kept. LW - 15 C - 6 RW - 9 JT Miller Pettersson Boeser Persson Horvat Podkolzin Baertschi Sutter Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Eriksson Leivo Beagle McEwen Motte Madden Lind Granlund Jasek Goldobin Lockwood Schaller Karlsson Spooner Hoglander Gadjovich Perron Boucher Gaunce
  12. Solid Comments I am way past Eriksson...…………...$&!# happens I was a little disappointed we have not moved some of our redundant players, regardless of return, but in saying that, who knows the values offered, and I am very sure that just as Benning has indicated, the unknown Cap Ceiling, really has the GM's uneasy. So.....I get it.
  13. I don't buy the first part of your comments, but I think you made a good point on your last sentence...……….. I do not think the acquisition of Miller is bad, not at all, but the price is somewhat questionable...……... But, if Benning seen this as a buy now, or loose the chance on him, then he makes the call, and takes him. We are better today, than yesterday...………..I guess that is all we can expect