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  1. Hi guys So this is entirely innocent, but I am wondering who is the better player, and which one has the highest up side? Gunbranson, Tanev or Trouba I will put it into a poll as well..........looking forward to the answers.........
  2. My apologies CDC for the repeated posts I have no idea what happened?????? Tried to clean it up as much as I could Mod's please remove the empty ones....Thanks
  3. It's hard to believe I can't agree with you, but I think you are way off Nuck Luck! Sorry! Firstly, I also think Mike Gillis did a great job for the first while, but I think he started to unravel in the last 2 years.....like a lot of GM's they have a shelf life..........personally I think his contract offers were too aggressive and eventually put us in a bind. Secondly, we complain about loosing Kassian for nothing, because he was trouble, but Gillis must have known about Kesler, and that probably caused more problems than he was worth...it was his job to know. Lastly, his blunders hurt our future...aka Ballard to name one.... But as an administrator, he was strong, and thought outside the box, which if he had been correct, we would have probably had more than one Stanley Cup........but it didn't happen that way, and he was disposed of, for that very fact. Life sucks! As for TL and JB, they were left with Gillis's mess, and they had to in some cases trade for pennies on the dollar just to correct Gillis's problems. That is not to say all Benning has done has been good, as his asset management has not been great, but our crew was aging, and his mandate, like every other GM is to win, so he rode his horses until they dropped (contracts ran out)......... I don't agree with him on that one, but he has also done some very good things in a short time........ Benning has built through the draft, and moves his picks for potential higher rewards. Yes Vey didn't turn out, but Baer did, like others have noted. Benning recognized we were small, and has taken measures to change that, through trades, and drafting. I would suspect that we will notice the size difference on Defense and it will make a noticeable difference, now and when Juolevi and Stretcher show their offensive sides, I think we will all be a lot happier watching the play in front of our net. Not to mention the potential of Larsen, who is worth risking a 4th or 5th. I think defense is worth giving them a year or 2 to gel..........the potential is there I really can't understand your thoughts on Demko, as he was a no brainer, especially with the jury still out on Markstrom at the time we drafted Demko....given all that, we still needed a starting goalie...aka Miller Benning needs to concentrate on improving the top 6 forward positions now, as he has done a great job building the forward depth on the big club............ But as much as I have shouted about his asset management, he has only been on the job for 2 1/2 years and has done a pretty good job in most cases........ Now, if he blows the next 12 months, then we can tar and feather him, but as long as he drafts solid, and gets our RFA's and UFA's resigned, then he gets a positive grade from me. As a last note, last years rapid decline I attribute to our insane amount of injuries, and Vrbata's draught..........imagine the addition of Edlers getting 5 more goal, Vrbata getting 10 more, Sutter getting 15 goals, and Hank and Danny getting 10 to 15 more collectively. I don't think you would have been so sour if we had 12 to 14 points more! I would have because of our asset management, but you really didn't dwell on it that much, so I take that you are not as bothered by it as I am......... I actually think we are stronger this year than last and wonder how our team will fair.............?????? PS...................don't look back, no point in it! Trust me! Go Canucks Go...........Remember we are tied for first place right now!
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  5. I actually read something about that, so let back it up a little.......... What about $7,750,000 per year for 5 years, which is something like $38,750,000 over the life Same contract, numbers just took 2 years off of the term........I think that works???? I think we have to think outside the box, or there is potential we will spend 5 or more years in hell
  6. Monty On another note... The NHL corporate has one business model on how to run the league The Canucks have another...based on local ticket sales and merchandising and Aqualini's deep pockets The 2 models are not nessesarly identical
  7. I guess Boston decided to do that, but that doesn't mean we have to The world is full of firsts Monty, if Columbus doesn't sail across the sea, we wouldn't be here....some would say that is good, some say when that is bad....depends on your point of view. I say we end up better than most if you could sign them, because we are a sign to the max cap team.... The whole sham of profit sharing doesn't help us....so why worry about them when we sign a free agent I don't get it....except that greedy owners want more money , fans want a winning team and I don't care how we get it....it is not my concern.....I just don't think I have to subsidize a $9.00 ticket in Phoenix So IMO sign away, if another franchise can't pay...too bad
  8. I understand that is the common belief Monty Here is my thoughts on that 1. We are a business and need to look after ourselves not worry about the other teams 2. Since when has the league ever worried about us Our internal cap would not be disrupted because LD would instantly be our best young talent and we already pay the Sedins an old salary of 7 million per 3. Yes we over pay year one, but under pay year 3 of 7 4. Edmonton has to worry that they won't loose more and sign McDavid to a 8 year 88 million contract.....thus jamming up thier own cap... doubt they have enough money to go after ours 5. The enter your level kids have been artificially held back in contract for years 6. Why worry about disrupting RFA'S league wide when we are a rich team and would be a "have" team.....IMO it levels the playing field for us....screw the league...it's ran out of the east anyways I don't think we should be worrying about anyone else....besides we can sign our RFA'S before their contracts finish and sign the important ones to long term contracts
  9. I made a math error WH 54,250 ÷ 7 = 7.750 per Warhippy Which is a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd by next year Draisaitl is worth way more than that in picks....way more....... Peace
  10. I understand waiting Alf but as they age they decline....sell as high as you can, not saying you are not right...but you run the risk of waiting too long
  11. Explain to me why that is So?