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  1. In the end...……..yes it would be nice to have a high end RHD, but with Tryamkin, Rafferty and Woo in the system, I am more inclined to work of those 3 and maybe pick a Offensive RHD with our first pick, if he is in the general area of our pick. But to 48MPHslapshots point, yes we may have to at some point...………...this next year is the tell tail
  2. Keslers feelings are in hind sight...…………….
  3. I agree with you Totally But what about a Madden - Lundkvist trade just for $&!#s and giggles
  4. I will remind you of what McKinnon said about his next contract, in that he would sign for less to keep everyone together..... He signed a discount deal already, and will be a UFA when his contract is up. And he is probably the best player in the NHL (One of them at least)
  5. I guess it really depends on whether they want to be here or somewhere else.....
  6. I totally understand about their open market value, and I agree with you...…..if that is what they want But, I am going on the premise that they want to re-sign with Vancouver, and that Vancouver wants to re-sign them..... If they are going to give home town discounts, then what is the difference? They are all aware of the up coming Cap crunch, and the 1 year contract could be used as a bridge If they don't want to sign now, and want to go UFA and sign with the highest bidder for the most money, they are not going to sign now anyways. But yes, there is risk for both....I understand that.....good point
  7. Yes, but they don't have to sign and can re-sign with their original club at no penalty...…..
  8. This discussion might get shut down quickly, but I am wondering if the Canucks can sign Chris Tanev and Jacob Markstrom to team friendly 1 year contracts, then during the Seattle Expansion draft, they would be deemed UFA's and technically not eligible for the Expansion draft, while the Canucks and any other team could negotiate with them. Now, there is risk with this suggestion, and Tanev and Markstrom could sign with anyone, but if both Tanev and Marky want to play here, this protects Demko, and allows us to resign Markstrom later in the summer, as well as protecting 1 more defenseman if needed. Yes, it is circumvention, but was there any contracts done like this during the Vegas expansion draft? I think, because the Canucks run the risk of loosing both for nothing, the NHL can not rule against them...……... Yes, I am always scheming...…..but does this fly?
  9. Totally hit my funny bone!...…...I hope Loui doesn't see it though! LOL He has been playing pretty good as of late. Still funny!
  10. I do, but you would not like the travel time......how much? LOL
  11. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2017/08/mutual-terminations-and-their-value-to-players.html
  12. Ecstatic you back buddy! Love your comments! Don't always agree, but always respect, them! Stay awhile!
  13. I am pretty much feeling we should not be adding first off, Cap......I think we will be right up against it for some time. secondly, we need to protect any player we add, in next years Expansion draft, so it may be impossible to do that from that aspect Thirdly, we have the replacement players we need in our prospects and we need to keep space for them... Tryamkin, Hoglander, Lind, McEwen, Madden, Juolevi, Bailey, Rafferty and Rathbone "Could" all push for a spot next year So, realistically, lets say 2 have legitimate chances to make the team Well at the moment, we do not have 2 spots open, and if we add we will need 3 spots, and we will need any cap saved for 2 years from now When Hughes and Pettersson will need those new contarcts I say sell, and do not add, and promote from within Let's let who we have, get the chance to prove themselves, after all they are the ones that got us here
  14. It is an interesting question, as to how he does next year. Look at Fox, who came in and jumped right into the NYR lineup I am not saying he is as good as Fox but look at Rafferty's first full season, he's looking pretty good in the AHL NCAA players are better prepared for the life of the pro's Having already played against men since being drafted I am in the wait and see lineup.... But again, Benning has created competition, so who makes the team next year will have earned it...... Love it!