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  1. Nah, I only meant that they might agree to the change in scenery
  2. My thoughts of the game..... #1.... Gaudette played well offensively #2.....Vancouver is a about 3 to 4 years behind Colorado in development #3.....I see Gaudette developing into a 2nd line center, if he gets wingers #4.....you are all going to love for this one.....I see Horvat as an elite 3 line center #5.....Colorado was missing Landeskog and Rantanen
  3. So what happens if we let him move back to Sweden and play in the SHL (on Loan) and pay him to scout, as a player/scout? I don't think that is any worse than some others have done
  4. Well, been thinking about this The way I see it right now is Benning keeps Eriksson on the big club for the next 2 1/2 seasons hoping Eriksson will retire Eriksson on the other hand, will sit and collect his money for 2 1/2 more seasons Nothing other than our wishing has changed, he still thinks he can play, and he can on a 4th line, and for 6 million a season Why should he retire? Kovalchuk, is (not) playing on a rebuilding team, but he has shown he can still score...….something Eriksson can not do So, worst case scenario......Kovy sits in the press box, which is no worse than what Eriksson is doing Worse case scenario, Kovy retires at the end of next year...one year before Eriksson Best case, he plays on one of the first 2 lines and scores 50/60 points. Something Eriksson isn't and can't do. Proposal Kovy for Eriksson and Jasek
  5. Maybe Alf, Maybe... But, you know, having coached a bit, it always bugged me, when coaches said that a kid had to do this or that a certain way. Just drained the creativity right out of the kid.. I don't like that cookie cutter thinking
  6. Yes, looks like 12 million worth off of LTIR...….that is a good Point
  7. Just imagine if Bobby Hull would have slapped the puck into the corner with his curved stick or Jacques Plante's mask slid over his eyes or Gretzky got plastered to the wall on one of his first delays or Bobby Orr got caught on one of his ene to end rushes or Serge Savard fell down on one of his Savardian spin-o-rama's
  8. Alf...….would you have had the same opinion if the puck went in?
  9. You know Alf, that is probably the lease favorite choice for me......I think it shows the acceptance, that it is ok, to not try hard, and just pick up you check If we are going to do that....don't reward him ...sent him down You do that to all other players not playing well.....why him?
  10. I am of the mind that the Canucks need to move on in general from their older veterans over the next few years And let the young leaders take over completely...…... To me, having Louie hanging around, is counter productive, as the players all know what is what, they know who is contributing, and they know who's spot he is taking. I honestly think that has a negative impact on the players, as they want to see the guys that deserve it, playing. I also see there being more than 1 option available to Benning......with Louie #1. Keep him in Vancouver, playing him occasionally #2. Sent him to Utica to ride the bus #3. Buy him out......severe relations with him completely #4. Have him retire, and have him scout #5. Loan him to the SHL and let him play out the rest of his playing days #6. Let him sit around here, and pay him his $4 Million signing bonus, then let him retire My preference is to waive Louie to Utica, to make is completely transparent, that we are moving on for him, and give him his options which down there in Utica, bouncing back and forth on a bus. I think it would be a lot easier for Louie to come to a conclusion down there, and it may be earlier, than July 1st. I honestly think it is way to easy for Louie to just sit back and collect his pay checks here I would far rather platoon, MacEwen, Bailey, Lind, Graovac, etc up and give them experience, throughout the season, so as to have call ups that would already have some time playing in the NHL, when it's playoff time. Also, when Roussel comes back, the fur will fly anyways