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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    LOL, yes pretty much...... I am to suppose that you are in favor of legalizing of weed? LOL G, did you live underneath Big T? lol
  2. [Report] Zetterburg's out for year with back issues?

    What a crock The NHL should either penalize all of these teams knowing fully well that almost every player plays with some injury that can be called "career ending" or don't let team front load bonus's and apply the same standard as the Luongo Penalty retroactively He's played with an injured back for years....now the money owing is less and he doesn't want to play for less Very convenient!
  3. Here is my problem with this whole mess The world history is littered with conquest after conquest......some violent, some more subtle History is history, and one man's hero is another man's terrorist Whether is be the Japanese invading China China invading Nepal Britain standing over Scotland, Ireland and Wales The Haida massacring the Salish Russians invading the Ukraine Slavery, or genocide The Inca's, Myan's, or the Apache tribal wars Or The American's manipulating the world It is all the same One sect of the worlds population being mistreated by another side...…..removing the statue changes nothing Personally, I feel the First Nation's leaders should ask for it to stay up, as a symbol of their strength, and endurance Have ceremonies around those statues, and remind ALL that they exist despite at that has happened to them Wear the scars proudly! PS I have many First nation friends, that I respect and admire, and I would stand by their sides at such a ceremony and celebrate with them.
  4. Very good Joe It almost sounds like you were there. LOL
  5. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Look I am pretty sure that Tryamkin went home because of 1. WD's year long pressure on Tryamkin 2. Tryamkin's wife 3. Every heavy weight in the league wanting to fight him or run at him 4. His immaturity 5. Pot smoking neighbors 6. Home sick 7. Benning's request to send him to the minors and not respecting the contract 8. and my unsubstantiated opinion, that Benning low balled Tryamkin's contract expectations Just my opinion, but I think it was all the above...………. Everyone had fault...……...especially the neighbors!
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Personally, I liked how Tryamkin finished the season, and had noticed a gradual improvement. My opinion is he is of NHL quality, because after all he played in the NHL. Pretty obvious, really. For my 2 cents worth, I think Rob is more Pssed Off, that Tryamkin actually had the chance to stick and gave it up, knowing just how hard it is just to get there. I get that. But if you just look at Tryamkin as a first year player, you would have to be happy with the outcome. And if he doesn't stick next time, well no one will be sadder than Tryamkin, IMO. I look at it as a personal choice, which he is entitled to...…..not happy he gave it up, but it was his choice. I just hope he does come back and makes the team, in a positive way (top 4). Because I found him entertaining.
  7. HVAC trade

    Step-son's a 3rd year sheet metal apprentist $32.00 an hr., small raise after his 4th year exam (January) $38,00 after 1 year as a journey man in the union Got his safety boot paid for/drills and extra's Christmas party,,,,an extra day off with pay from his boss works in Victoria all day time hours! Which means you can have a life! Good luck on your quest.....
  8. LA - Van (proposal/Discussion)

    I invite CDC to counter the proposal....tell me what you think the value is to a needing team...….. Maybe it is MDZ, at 50% but that uses up their cap as well...….that is the problem, the better the player, the more cap they take
  9. LA - Van (proposal/Discussion)

    Well first, I think they are real shallow and are in need of extra players But are just about out of cash......maybe I am wrong, which is why I suggested everyone look at their cap and their numbers I think that moving some of their dead weight (Budaj) and getting depth players has to have some value Am I wrong for thinking that? With LA getting old, and their window is short What do you think they can get in UFA for 2 million (which basically gives them enough depth to withstand the first bought of injuries Do you think they signed Kovalchuk at 6.2 M to go out in the first round? Or not make it? I am betting they move picks to get those players, and their value will be no more than what we are offering at 2x the cost, and still paying for Budaj I think they have a problem Maybe the return is 2 2nds?, but it shouldn't be anything less It is a good question though and maybe I over shot...……...thanks
  10. I have been looking at the LA Roster on Capfriendly and noticed they are lacking depth, and that they are short a few players...…... Please take a look...……... https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/kings What I am seeing is a shortage of bottom end defensemen and forward depth Trade Proposal Pouliot and Granlund both at 50% for 1 year for Budaj (send down to Utica) , 2019 1st, and 2019 4th IMO, this gives LA some much needed depth, while giving us some room to move in prospects, while gaining assets For LA, the cap retention and taking Budaj allows them to add an additional player at the TDL for a playoff run All cap clears at the end of the year for both teams...…….
  11. TDL 2019 (Discussions)

    Very similar and very much how I see the replacing happening from within...…... What I am getting at is the potential to replace with low cost replacements on a short term basis I wonder if any of the players mentioned could fill in short term, so that we could trade our veterans mentioned while our prospect mature...…..admittedly, a hair brained idea, just wondering if any of them could be used ????? Again, only short term....absolutely no multi year deals And a greater question is, are the suggested replacements too much of a down grade in talent?
  12. TDL 2019 (Discussions)

    I am good with that......really But who replaces them.....and when? I just wanted to get the ball rolling and see what CDC is thinking about this I appreciate the response
  13. TDL 2019 (Discussions)

    Well looking at the Canucks and being a realist for a second.....(I did say for a second!) It is obvious that the current Canuck team is still a ways from competing with the up class of teams of the NHL The question to me is , who do we have left from the current team at that point...……. Personally, and I have heard it many times on here, we are still 2 to 3 years after this current year, before we are ready for the heavy lifting so with that being said, it is my opinion, that the sooner we draft players that will be ready in that time frame the better! No better time than our own 2018/2019 draft in Vancouver, where for no other reason than having our drafted players starting to hatch when we need them AKA...……...2021/2022 season So with that being said...….the question is will Edler, Sutter, MDZ, Gagner, Eriksson or Markstrom be on that team? Personally, I don't think so, and if any of them are, their roles would be very minor. Which brings to the UFA's that have not been signed as of today, and what they could be signed for, and how long their term would be. IMO, these players will start to be signed on short term, cheap contracts, and there will not be a whole lot of difference in terms of short term contributions, than the for mentioned players. For short term, would there be a significant difference? I don't think so...……. In short, Edler and co, are replaceable, short term...…………………..and if they are not, quite up to the same standards...…..would it matter? So are there replacements for the group I have named....are they close? Would they work for a year or 2, until, we are ready? Here are those players, with some UFA suggested replacements Edler...……………...Sbisa or Enstrom Sutter...……………..Cammalleri, Shore Baertschi...…………Nash.....or promotion from within? MDZ...………………Martin, Georges...…..or promotion form within? Gagner...…………...Letestu Eriksson...………….Brower Markstrom………….Lehtonen Now, my point is not that these guys would be straight across replacements, but question whether or not interchanging a few of them would make that much of a difference to the team, either in a negative or positive way or not...……..I suggest there may not be that much of a difference to a rebuilding team So first off we know, that Eriksson will not be moved for several years, so we can take him out of the equation, but are the others interchangeable short term? My thoughts are not signing them for any more that a 1 year term, after moving the above players. And that in addition, we should be looking to sign temporary players (for lack of a better term) for several years, while our prospects mature...………..and that these temps are available every year, and we will be needing less and less of them, as our prospects begin to develop. Value wise......Edler is worth a late 1st at the TDL, especially this year Sutter...……....close to the same value (late 1st), possibly a (2 seconds) Baertschi...…..possible a 2nd and 3rd ish type deal MDZ...………..a 3rd rounder Gagner...…….a bucket of KFC...…...extra crispy...…...or a 5/6 rounder Markstrom…..a 2nd and a 4th But again there has to be a market, and or a hungry team that thinks one of these players will help them move forward, but again, will they be here in 2/3 years? Even if they were not moved? And if not, would one of the UFA's be able to take their place short term? Thoughts? Permission to fire away!
  14. [Discussion] Does Jack Hughes create a logjam at center?

    I am just wondering if we wind up with the 3rd OA pick...….do we take a center or an defenseman?
  15. [Discussion] Does Jack Hughes create a logjam at center?

    I think it is way too early to say Hughes will be the number 1 pick...………..it will probably move around a bit through the year...…. Let's wait until at least March before ordaining him as "OUR" 1st Over all pick so silly~!