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  1. Because 2nd round picks have a 20 % chance of making it, and Tampa like the Canucks would be able to hold his rights for 5 years, so I think he would be a good investment to a team that had success with Russians before......just spit balling.......I could be mistaken
  2. Like I said above.....I think Tryamkin does have some value because he had been tested and he passed....but I will accept what you say.....I just think because they have so many Russians it may be a little different, as well as the position Tampa is in......but ok! Not a biggy! As for your proposal......I didn't know too much of Raddysh, but he looks very intriguing........It would over load us on RW though.........but if he is a better prospect than Howden I would be willing to listen.......do you have any comparisons?
  3. Something to think about, but we talked about Tryamkin like he had potential to be a much better player, even though he had shown us a lot already....he was well thought of around the league........I don't know? It is kind of like drafting a NCAA kid (you have to wait 3 years), except you know that he can already play in the NHL.......I think that his worth is a 2nd...he has the potential much greater than a mid 2nd....I would think?
  4. Ok...... Let's get this show on the road! Tanev and the rights to Tryamkin for 2017 1st (15 OA) + B. Howden + Toronto's 2017 2nd + Tampa's 2018 2nd + Garrison OK, here is how it works.......... Tanev = 2017 1st in a weak draft + Howden (2016 - 27OA) Tryamkin rights = 2018 2nd Garrison (Cash dump) = Toronto's 2nd This is a take it or leave it deal, in which I believe Tampa takes as the cash dump helps a lot in their Cap situation, Tryamkin might be enticed to come back to a team which has a few more Russians on it and is alittle bit higher in the standings........ Honestly, I am not overly concerned on whether Tryamkin comes back or not, this is about our team and our growth, and Tampa feels the same way...the chance at getting Tryamkin back over here is worth the 2nd they pay for his rights Howden has had a get final season and the 1st can be used with a 2nd to move up and grab a Dman at around 10 OA......we need to rebuild.....let's rebuild! Loosing Tanev may hurt, but down the road, we are better off for getting Howden and the pick........
  5. I am understanding your view....my thought is this year and next, as I dont see the point of trying to dig out until the end of next year...there is no real good UFA this time around and I fail to see the difference between ending up 20th OA and 31st OA next year except we are guaranteed a much better draft pick and we have let our picks develop more.....like I said earlier 14 more months of pain...then I am on your truck with you.....hope to move a couple more vets along the way....we will see....but I don't disagree with you plan of attack
  6. Great post SabreFan1 To add to this is, that Management has be honest with themselves. The fact is we have been a bottom team for 3 years now, but Benning has tried to prop us up so as to not waste the Sedin's last few years, which in hind sight was a very poor decision. Loosing players like Hamhuis, Mathais for nothing, and not moving Vrbata after a career year has cost us, as well as not playing lesser players at the end of the season when it was pointless to win more.....people that have said we missed out on Draisaitl and McDavid....it was true, and it was Benning and Lindens job to have recognised that...... We were actually pretty lucky this year to finish where we did, as it took other teams not tanking to get us near the bottom. Now we are in a pickle and have very little to barter with.....the Sedin's, Edler and Tanev is all that is left......if Benning can move any of these guys, they should! Especially Tanev, who may be able to provide us with a good pick and a prospect...... As Sabre has said, we need to do this fast......2 more years....in and out......lower our cap and then go after a few top end UFA's(pay high to keep the term down) with no NTC's then once our prospects are ready.....move the UFA's...also as suggested It does sound like NHL 17 but it is exactly what Toronto has done, and really what Edmonton decided to do at the end......we all see McDavid, but the biggest difference is Lucic, Kassian, Maroon and probably Draisaitl to a lesser extent.....they are a much heavier team that can now go to the net for McDavid's rebound...."if there is any" Will we compete with Edmonton? Well that depends on Benning's next 14 months.....Tryamkins departure has set us back a bit......I wonder what will happen......I hope we keep our prospects as far away from this team as possible for the next year, for their own good........I am prepared for next season, what ever happens!
  7. I really like the idea, but somehow, we have to add more? I don't know how honestly, as we can't give away much more, and I don.t think it's enough. I am also not sold on Vilardi BUT WOULD EITHER OF THESE WORK? Buffalo's 2017 1st and A.Nylander for Tanev , Brisebois, 2018 - 2nd .............(I value Brisebois and our 2018 2nd highly and I still don't think they take it) OR Toronto's 2017 1st + Kapanen + Toronto's 2018-2nd for Tanev + Subban + 2017-3rd Now, A. Nylander is thought of as the 2nd best prospect outside the NHL, so that and the 2017 -1st rounder is worth more than your proposal, but I would take yours in a second if we could do that. My two suggestions, probably are not much better, if at all, but I think we can afford to pay more on the Nylander deal of yours. But more realistically, we could probably get the Leaf deal after they have finished the playoffs and understand better that they need a Tanev type Dman.......I think they pay and I think we could move up from the Toronto 1st if we wanted to......I actually think we get just as good and probably for not as much.....meaning the Toronto 1st and Kapanen gets you one of your Dman and we still get to keep the Toronto 2nd, which again gives us flexibility this year or next if needed....... I would love to get 2 picks this year in the first round, and with the addition of our 2017 2nd and Columbus's 2nd gives us a great start for the next 2 years
  8. Hope and prayers for your brother, Joe......it must be a very trying time....all the best.



  9. Tanev to Toronto for Nylander I did not read all of them, so pretty sure this should be there...
  10. In a strong draft, maybe not, in a weak draft, where the 8th pick is more like a 12th to 15th compared to a last year's crop. A much greater possibility. No one thought that the Hall trade was very fair, but Edmonton won actually won that one... Look at the return for Hansen and Burrows....CDC did not imagine the returns for our two veterans would be as great as it was. The return for Tanev will be very good Baggins, IF it happens...not at all outside the possibilities of what I have suggested...... Again if not Buffalo, certainly Dallas would be interested , as I believe they are in a.win now mode....IMO of course
  11. Well all I can say is they out vote you....but the rose colored glasses is a good argument......just keep in mind that we are all just rookies here..... I just thought because there was so much interest in him that they might know something.....I would say they are just about all in concensus with idea....so are alot of other eastern poster's But seriously....what do I know......but I think Vancouver would jump at it.....Maybe we add, but again it doesn't sound like like they expect that.....keep in mind it is a low draft year
  12. The other thing is...Tanev on a decent offensive team, gets less pounding, less pressure.....it probably extends his career....there in the east he probably plays longer at a higher skill, before declining...IMO...
  13. And that is why Tanev is such a fit....Buffalo can compete now with Tanev......pick a defenseman and they wait 3 to 4 years.. I think Tanev fits well..
  14. I would love to have that problem on the Canucks....just saying
  15. Dallas might another interested partner as well and might even be a better more willing partner....this might be their last kick at it before a rebuild....their offensive players are getting older.......