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  1. Hi Donald I love Tanev, and will argue with Toronto fans until I am blue in the face about his value......but to be honest, he takes a pounding out there with his style of play and it shows in all his injury time off. What Toronto fans worry about mostly, and what I can't argue with, is his durability, and how long he will be able to endure the pounding he takes. I do not think he will be an elite defensive defenceman for much longer...he will be a solid #3 for some time, and that is nothing to sneeze at.......so either way it is ok, but I am inclined to move him now, before his NTC kicks in.... I think if Toronto gave us their 1st and Kapanen, and Nielsen for Tanev and Subban (I unfortunately do not believe Subban will ever be our defenceman on the big club) not that he doesn't have talent!
  2. That is some good old fashion hoping Hortankin I am thinking the Sedin's will be gone in 2 years, as they are just not producing enough for anything close to what they are making and I don't see them taking a minimum 50% discount Tanev or possibly Hutton gets moved in a prospects and picks move sometime at the draft or just after the Expansion Draft...rumor Reinhart is still a possibility Think Necas/Petterson or Liljegrin/Makar this draft, and grab Nolan/Hischier/Vilardi if we luck out Also, I don't see Brisebois in your plans and I think he looks great You are also discounting any growth from any of our other young prospects.....Lockwood/Suban/Cassels/MacEwen/McEneny or any of our future 2nds, never mind any moves Benning makes......but I get your point and it does look promising......that is why Benning has to be carefull not to elevate our team too fast.....he needs to give us one more top end draft (2018 1st OA) Good Hoping! lol
  3. Two thoughts.....Yes Only two! When I seen Buttons list this morning, the first thing I did was get out last years final list he did and compare that to the actual draft from last year......he was pretty close on most.....I didn't go back and see how his other final list have done, but he was by and large pretty close last year. Personally, he did better than some of the GM's around the NHL. ( he did very well in the top 20 picks) after that, it gets to be a preference choice, instead of a BPA......(I think)???? On another item, how did Maker do at the prospects game, and has he played any international games for Canada? Is there a pre-draft Tournament yet to come? I am not very up to date on these type of things.......I hope there is!
  4. I actually agree with you Garth My thoughts are only based on our voids......1 top end center and 1 offensive defenseman..............I am ok with Jim picking the Dman first, and the center the year after....or visa versa, and I am sure it will all be decided by where we draft at and what is a available when it is our pick. I fight with myself about "tanking" all the time, but honestly, if I accept what everyone else has been saying, we have just been that bad and have not had to intentionally, tank, imagine where our rebuild would be if we would have been a few picks earlier in the last few drafts. Now, this is not directed at you, but everyone knows that players play to win, and coaches coach to win, but coaches play with what the GM gives them to play with, so tanking can only occur from the GM on up.....they are the ones that decide So next year, in a deep draft, I believe we need to be in a position to get the best possible player we can, and I honestly believe that after that draft, we will be set, as our team depth will/should be extremely deep. What I see, is that other than our next 2 firsts, if Jim can pull another couple players out of our 2nds, 3rds and 4ths in the next 2 years, we will be as deep as the very deepest teams in the NHL As for now, I cringe every time we score, and win....then look at the standings, then realize that I should sit back and watch, and wait and see what happens, then I see we are not as far away form our goal as I feared........ I also take some time to enjoy the game some how........I am actually impressed how hard our team is working right now.....I like it!
  5. I am of the thought that if we end up with the 4 to 7 spot in this draft, we really work hard at getting the 1st or 2nd over all pick. What defense-man do we use to get there and do we get anything (pluses) back? For instance, does our pick (4th OA) and Tanev/Hutton which are valued differently, get us a 1st overall or a 1st OA plus. I think there is enough talent in the 1st and 2nd OA picks this year, to make that move this year, and pick up our first line centerman, leaving us with drafting the BPA next year, despite position, which is the way you don't miss out on guys like Tkachuk or that offensive player that you can't takebecause you have to take the next guy who is a center,,,,,,,,because you didn't take one last year My point is , this draft has 3 centers up at the top, that all slate to be first line centers, and because there are no McDavids or Mathews there, and we should be so close in picks, it will be less expensive this time around. But just as important, is that Benning not run around and fill in holes with more short term 2nd and 3rd line guys (like Eriksson), that make us competitive in the short run (2 to 3 yrs), but take us just out of contention for the high end elite players that are ear marked in the upper end of the 2018 Entry Draft, which then takes us just out of that top 6 cup contending team in the future. Yhis rebuild is almost over in my opinion...stay the course!
  6. Hi ya all! Well, the reason I say the next 5 months, is that, I hope and pray that the Canuck Brass do not jump the gun...what do I mean? #1. We have done a proper evaluation of our team, before the Expansion draft......meaning are we as deep on Defense as Jim as said? Can we afford to trade a Dman? Can we afford to offer a pick not to take a certain player, is that player worth protecting? Will it be worth picking up a player that another team wants to move before the Trade Deadline? It will depend of course on what Jim thinks, but unless it is a huge upgrade for the asset we trade for, I am more inclined to stay the course, and take our lumps, unless a team wants to give us a pick or an exempt player for our extra Dman.....just don't think most teams will give up much, unless you give alot.......I mean why would a team give up a young 1st or 2nd line player with potential for that....don't see it! #2. Entry Draft...........This is where we should trade any extra DMen we have to move up the draft, "If" we pick well in this draft, and stay the course, we end up with our Offensive #1 Center, to me it is imperative, as 2018 draft will be where we complete our rebuild. Let me explain........An offensive #1 Center keeps Bo away from #1 Opposing DMen, Bo who is playing at a bottom end 1st line Center and is projected by most to score at a 60ish to 70 points a season rate, would deal with a whole lot less pressure. Trading up to the #1 or 2 spot this year, may give us that Offensive #1 Center, this will allow us tremendous flexibity at the 2018 Entry Draft........don't fool yourself, these two drafts are very much connected to each other and our future success. (I honestly think we have enough supporting cast) #3. Free Agency.......the long and short is, we should not pick up any veterans that will upgrade our talent, maybe as a filler. A 3rd or 4th liner if need be, but again this is not the year to be trying to pick up a UFA of any value, and such should let Miller pass, and move on......I wish Miller the best, but he probably gave us an extra 10 points.......I wish him luck, but Jim should pick a one year contract to fill in behind Markstrom (beside for the 3rd and 4th line forwards, it is where we should be using the Archibalds, Greniers, Cassels, etc......leaving the young core to stay down and rippen) Nxet on the list is, the dog days of summer, where GM's have a habit of over thinking their teams reality and thinking one more move is all they need......Jim scares me on this on a little, as he does seem to believe totally that he can do this quickly and with coaching.........great drafter, decent trader, maybe not such a good strategist Beginning of the season...........there are always player movements around this time...........we must stay out course this one year, and not improve the team from the outside, we should hold, and let this next year percolate and the young one get the experience on the farm......do not waver....keep them down, allow the one by one to come and play a few games than change them........then back to Utica This is a 5 month comittment and Jim need to stay on cours............. Of course Jimbo has to address the 2018 Entry Draft, wher we should be fioccusing on a 1 to 3 pick........we should not out any pressure on the coach or TL to increase perfomance, not to 2o18 draftlne. I hope the plans work out! Cheers Paul
  7. I remember when I was younger and heard a theory that some day big business would run governments.........I laughed!
  8. BUF: Tanev and Virtanen VAN: Reinhart At it's core it looks like.. BUF: Tanev and 6th overall pick (2014) VAN: 2nd overall pick (2014) Then do we draft Liljegren with our 1st or take the best available forward? Both options look pretty good. Obviously it'd be better to draft Patrick/Hischier than it is for us to draft Tippett but both leave us with a very good top-6 group: Goldobin - Reinhart - Tippett Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser or Goldobin - Patrick/Hischier - Reinhart Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser with Granlund, Gaudette, Dahlen, Sutter, Lockwood as top-9/depth Juolevi - Tryamkin Hutton - Gudbranson with Stecher, Brisebois, McEneny, Subban as top-6/depth ANYWAYS...how does that deal look though? Not enough value on our side? Not something that Buffalo would take? Sorry I don't think Tanev and Virtanen gets you Reinhart I'd say.......... Tanev, and one of Granlund, Baertschi or Gaudette for Reinhart+ 2017 3rd ...............gets it done If Buffalo takes Guadette (heavy cost!)................our lines look like this Goldobin - Reinhart - Tippett/Dahlen Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Virtanen/Eriksson or Goldobin - Patrick/Hischier - Reinhart Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Virtanen/Dahlen/Eriksson But realistically , we don't get the #1 or #2 seed, and I have seen Tippett up as high as #3, sooooo, we better have a back up plan for that 1st line RW Then again, we need not rush this, as there is still the 2018 draft......... I am pretty good with the idea! And let's please remember we have Eriksson for the next 5 years
  9. Yeah, sorry you just can't do that!.....there is lots of talent every team passes up on....... Over the long haul it has been the desire to no be in the basement that has done us in, through the 70's, 80's and most of the 90's we were a middle of the road team No elite players.....except Bure, and he was picked in the 6th round, with a whole lot of luck Too good for the basement, and not good enough for the penthouse
  10. Hi Champ....me too! Well, we differ in opinion.......aside from Klingberg...........Tanev is better than all of them IMO by quite a bit........How did Hamhuis stack up against Tanev in his last year? To me, not even in the same ball park, and Hamhuis is considered the 2nd best Dman in Dallas Nichushkin didn't like his old coach Hitchcock......so he said FU and left......can't blame him! He would come back, and to be honest, it's the first round pick I want........Dallas takes the trade I went back and read up some more on Nylander and his value is more than I originally thought....so I will revise my proposal.............. Buffalo's 1st and Nylander for Tanev, Gaudette and Columbus's 2nd...................................Nylander is > Gaudette
  11. Fast, Physical and Winners! Bure, Orr and McDavid = Fast Stevens, Neely and Dupont = Physical Yzerman, Beliveau, and Toews = Winners You mix that all up and give me 12 Forwards 6 Defensemen 2 Goalies Like that, and I will be happy! Real Happy! PS.....you check out Dupont.............the original Moose !
  12. Hey retro I can see Goldy here for sure, but hopefully there is no rush, and they all have a year down on the farm, which will give our 2017 picks another year under their belts.....no use getting in a rush.........this is a developing program and story. In my opinion, all could stand a year on the farm before coming up...........pro hockey isn't the same as junior, they will need the time I suggest we all be patient
  13. Hey LL No one likes loosing....and most of us are impatient in some way It is a process, that is for sure But, the players are battling hard, even Edler in his Edler type fashion My wife says it's boring....well yes, but the effort is there Willie frustrates me....but not the players, by in large I truly see our glass 3/4's full and we will just have to wait it out ME, I would like to see more change....if vets moved, but it can't happen all at once, so I will just have to wait But man our prospects are looking Good! So, I will continue to watch and be a fan, because of hope......... Hope that we continue to draft great draft prospects, hope that they develop, hope that our young pro continue to develop, and hope that Aqualini is patient enough to let the process work Pretty much what I do in real life......Hope!
  14. Hold onto your hat Deb, I agree with you! IMO, when TL came in, we were starting our fall, our vets were aging, and we had little in the way of prospects........fast forward We have plenty of prospects and our defense has been totally up graded...........I do agree that Benning has done a decent to good job in drafting......and trading prospects, and I recognize that you don't win every trade or that every prospect will turn out......JImbo's decisions in those regards IMO, have been better than average..... Jimbo has gotten into trouble in the past with his asset management.......but it appears he as learned from his mistakes, so I will wait and see how his next couple of years turns out. ( I won't mention that Hansen and Burrow's trades had great returns......sorry Deb! LOL....evil!) TL decision to hire Benning has been generally a good one On Willie's hiring...that falls mainly on Benning, and to his credit, Willie was highly thought off, and so, I think Jimbo and TL by extension, has done well............ I think Jimbo, making the statement that we will be playing more prospects, is a political statement, which was designed to appease the fans, and send a message to Willie, that Willie may not have been listening to. I think Trevor is ethically a good man, and made a hire that fits his thinking and ethics...good on him! I think to judge TL harshly, you must first know how much Aqualini has interfered in day to day operations......Trevor may have been very frustrated in that regard, and had his hands tied for quite sometime.......no one knows for sure what Aqualini's part in this has been Hope you have a good day Deb !
  15. I can't find fault at what you said.....he did very well at the TDL, which is why I have been relatively quiet lately.......I also think all (most) GM's are just a little higher up the food chain, than us lunch pailers........ The only thing I will say is what I have been reminded of repeatedly by some great posters........prospects have to develop into the players they are projected to be, before they are money in the bank...... I believe you have reminded me of that on occasion........but he did well by my accounts! Thanks for dropping bye.....cheers