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  1. I'm pretty sure Naslund has some nasty headaches to this day as well. That's his quality of life changed because of this douche and his cheap hit isn't it? Maybe Naslund should sue this horses arse for assault & being a lousy hockey player lol.
  2. WOW !!!! got hit so damn hard you thought you were Burnaby Joe. 68 million.......are you overdosed on your pills. If you had any balls at all you would have turned around, accepted the challenge from Burt, got your arse kicked and still be in the NHL as a stick boy or something(certainly not a top six in this league). Instead you wimped out, got a gloved punch(that knocked you cold on your feet) and fell flat on your jaw. Dead weight is a hard thing to hold up on ice. Now I hope you get nothing accept medical expenses you lilly livered baby. sniffle sniffle.
  3. Lou and the rest of the team loves it here and would never go anywhere else willingly. We have the best fans(even the band wagoners) and we love our sport. Yes we the fans can be harsh...that just shows our passion for our team and the game we love. He rolls with the punches I'm guessing and will be back to his usual form soon enough. Just my opinion though.
  4. Roberto is the premier goaltender of this league. Always have faith Canuckleheads. Our team kicks serious hiney. Would it truly be any fun if we knew we were going to win every game? Softies go in on everyone so all the loooosers should think about that little tidbit before spouting off at the chops. I seem to recall most nights over the last few seasons when the truly skilled teams couldn't buy a winning goal against Roberto. Yet the less skilled teams could squeeze a couple in. I'd rather lose to the teams that won't make it to the dance than the ones who do. It confuses the premier teams into thinking he's easy.......and easy he is not. Maybe we should be wondering more why out of 40 shots(20 or more great chances) the guys couldn't put one behind Lundquist. You stand on the ice for an hour barely having to do anything and then have the hounds released on you. I bet you get scored on a lot more than 3 times in 10 minutes. Yes he's a professional, but as the other posters say he's also human. This team is our best chance of owning the grail for multiple seasons.........Let's do this guys.