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  1. See, I find this interesting. So many people think it's an innocent play, but what I say was Burns driving his elbow into a vulnerable player against the boards. Just because it's an elbow to the chest shouldn't make a difference as far as I'm concerned.
  2. You do realize the first San Jose goal was a result of a Hutton turnover right? I mean, I'm impressed with the kid, but be a bit more realistic here. Now this brings up a really good point, and I've wondered what it would be like to have a Hutton -Edler top pairing for a bit. I think they'd compliment each other nicely.
  3. The phrase "cross checked from behind" is also applicable, and more precise . What was clear was the action. It WAS a cross check from behind, what's unclear is the intent for that cross check. I've watched the video enough times to think it's plausible that Wideman "had his bell wrung" hard enough that he may not have had his full faculties. The medical trainers could have been wrong in assessing him and allowing him to play. The smart thing would have been (especially if they saw what Wideman did to the linesman) to follow concussion protocols anyways. I actually don't mind the suspension all that much. Calgary won't be much diff with him out of the line-up anyways, and it may make medical staff and hopefully the league consider better options for players why may have been concussed.
  4. Ok, this confuses me. If you don't know who Dane Fox is, how do you know Brock is nothing like him? That's completely illogical. I had to work today, so I missed the game unfortunately. Can anybody tell me if they tried him on the 2nd line with Dvorak?