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  1. Nothing quite as refreshing as a loss to the Oilers PGT on CDC. The puck has to start going in soon for Vrbata he's not playing poorly just can't find his shot yet this year. It's inevitable he will though he's a pro. That Daniel fluke miss was just that a fluke the Canucks should have won this game but didn't these things happen. I guess we were over due for a loss to the Oil. I blame Miller sure he played well enough but he was most overdue so by default he's to blame.
  2. because he has been missing 5 gloirious chances per night(exaggeration). He will get back with them but should have to play his way up the lineup. Right now Hansen has earned it and I hope he gets rewarded for his sterling play.
  3. No no just on the ice. I love watching him get opposing players all riled up so they do completely irrational things. He's one of my favorite trolls to watch play.
  4. he's still a total jerk.
  5. Pity.
  6. Best of luck Anton. Too bad it never worked out for him and the org. I'm glad to see he's moved on and is playing well.
  7. I don't think he has been bad at all. He hasn't been amazing either but certainly not deserving of any muck raking.
  8. A tie between Burr and Hansen.
  9. I'm not a miller fan but it was time to make a change in goal and Miller has been fine to date not stellar but can't point to him for our struggles he will be around another season and then we will see what happens.
  10. As long as the Sedins have the puck they will be lethal. If they loose it disaster. Its a good thing they hardly ever turn it over.
  11. Verdict is 30 teams don't want him.
  12. He is terrible. Good riddance.
  13. Never like to see a player injured so I'm glad Weises elbow will be just fine.
  14. Corrado was redundant here with Hammer Tanev Bart. Could we have gotten a pick for him? Sure we could have if we had towed him along for the next few months not sure it would be worth it. Good luck to him in TO.
  15. Then it's settled.