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  1. Nothing quite as refreshing as a loss to the Oilers PGT on CDC. The puck has to start going in soon for Vrbata he's not playing poorly just can't find his shot yet this year. It's inevitable he will though he's a pro. That Daniel fluke miss was just that a fluke the Canucks should have won this game but didn't these things happen. I guess we were over due for a loss to the Oil. I blame Miller sure he played well enough but he was most overdue so by default he's to blame.
  2. No no just on the ice. I love watching him get opposing players all riled up so they do completely irrational things. He's one of my favorite trolls to watch play.
  3. he's still a total jerk.
  4. Pity.
  5. Best of luck Anton. Too bad it never worked out for him and the org. I'm glad to see he's moved on and is playing well.
  6. I don't think he has been bad at all. He hasn't been amazing either but certainly not deserving of any muck raking.
  7. Verdict is 30 teams don't want him.
  8. Never like to see a player injured so I'm glad Weises elbow will be just fine.
  9. I hope he gets there. I plan on watching him dominate in jr this year.
  10. Dang there goes next years free agent defence pool with Seabrook and Erik Johnson signed. Yandle is the only d left really that could make an impact if signed. No to Buff and Lucic please. Maybe take a flyer on Schenn if he's willing to sign cheep.
  11. I met a whole bunch of the 1994 Canuck team when I was a kid skated with Linen and Ronning my favorite 2 canucks at the time. I Got to be one of the kids playing in between periods at the coleseum I remember I scored a goal and I felt like the crowd went nuts (i was like 6 or 7) and when our team came off the ice I got a congratulatory back pat from Pat. I Felt 10 feet tall. I think however my favorite hockey player encounter was when the Nordiques came to practice at Brittania Sakic and Lafleur were incredible to watch. Guy teed up a slapper from center ice and knocked his goaltender unconscious later I saw him leave the ice mid practice and head out the fire door. So I went around the building and there he was having a smoke standing on a tiny rubber mat with his skates on. He talked to me for a moment then signed my napkin and went back out and finished practice.
  12. Make an example of him... Embarrass him Hurt his pride. He will have all season to stew on it. Hopefully it wakes him up.
  13. Man it sure would have been great to have Jags. At this point though the Sedins should be beginning to transition to doing the Mentoring. I see Brock Boser as a potential huge benefactor of some Sedin time down the road.
  14. Jake tried to take over the MCD show and won...... Canucks loose 8-2. pretty much how I saw it.
  15. Didn't Higgins twice get staphylococcus or something.